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Came to a conculsion

didn't know if it where true, wondered if recent events where colouring my opinion.

But seems not, I have been proved right


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I've really had enough today

of people who should know better, and have a blantant disregard for other peoples problems.

NEWS FLASH: The world does not revolve round you, last I knew it was this big ball of fire called the SUN!

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*sigh* fiddling

With a guide entry

It's becomming a pain in the @rse


I'm getting to the point of where I can't be bothered


Because it's in the "update forum" where you have to tweak it yourself, you don't have the benefit of sub editors or whatever they are called and it's a pin in the backside to be quite honest.


*tries to motivate herself and fails*

To be honest if thats what I wanted to do I'd have volunteered to be a sub editor but I didn't did I?


*knows she is doing this just to aviod doing any work of any kind* smiley - erm

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On site

Been on this site a while

Longer than my number suggests, was under another account though but forgot the password smiley - erm

Today I have seen this site reach an all time low

One of my dearest friends has been forced to leave through others behavour.

It's a site he only came to, because of his circumstances at the time and because of these very same cercumstances it is very sad that he has been made to feel like he has to leave.

smiley - rose farewell my friend, and thanks for all the fish smiley - rose

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No Fear

My man, he is in love with bikes
To speed about the country is what he likes
While I ride pillion holding on like grim death
Wondering why I have no finger nails left

He accelerates past all the others
While I wish my eyes, I could cover
We reach 90 and I pray to God
My man he hears me and pushes 130 , THE SOD!!!!

And when I suffer with G-force
I start deaming of divorce
But theres no slowing as we take the corners
With soiled Knickers I think of funerals and mourners

So as I sit and grit my teeth
While we speed past meadow, field and heath
I start to think "this ain't so bad"
Thats done it I've gone completely mad!!!!

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Mizzpinky *sighs* here we go again

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