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Can't sleep

It's that time of year again and the weather's gone damp. Middle of the night, can't sleep, mould's growing in my house and me asthma's choking me again. Miasma's choking me again.

Thought I'd try some distraction here but my favorite thread isn't going anywhere. Paradox--why is it called flaming when there's no warmth? Or light?

smiley - blue

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Pick up

As in, are my spirits picking up! I've made seven different versions of four different ideas for picking stuff up and ended up with something so elegantly simple that, even with my ego, I can hardly believe that I thought of it.
You wouldn't think you could improve on something as simple as a basic set of tongs. But, you can. I can do everything but catch things out of the air with these. And it's cheap and easy to make. smiley - biggrin

I only need to source 5mm spring steel rod. There are pages of spring makers on the net but no source of their materials? smiley - huh

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Home again

I just got back from two weeks up in the north woods. Sang the lumberjack song and all except for the pressing wild flowers thing.
My friend has a house in the middle of the woods so when I go, I go out with the chainsaw and cut the encroaching brush. It's a backbreaking chore but you have to do it for fire safety. I don't know if it's global warming thing but it's been very dry and hot lately and a spark in the bush could take everything she has.
Every time I do this I tell myself that that's the last time, I'm going to find a way to pick up off the ground without bending over. My poor old back can't stand it anymore.
So now I'm taking a break from my shop where I'm making just such a thing. I'll try it out when I go back for Thanksgiving this weekend. If this version doesn't work, I know a half dozen other ways to do it.
If I get one that works, I'll sell it to Canadian Tire

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Gone to the land beyond internet. think of something when I get back.smiley - run

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Aircraft fly by pushing the air in the opposite direction that you want to go. If you want to go forward, push the air back. If you want to go up, push the air down. It’s rocket science, but then, they are also lying to you about how hard rocket science is.

The ground rule

A number of studies have shown a clear and statistically significant trend. Aircraft ‘incidents’ seem often to involve the ground. This has led to emphasized training in the understanding of The Ground Rule. ‘Stay away from the ground, it’s dangerous’

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