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Patent agent

I just got back from Ottawa where I finally did what I've been putting off so long. I pitched an invention to a patent agent.
The really strange part of it is that I didn't solve a key part of it until after I talked to her. There's something about carefully describing something to someone that gets your brain working so that you end up farther along than where you expected to go. Maybe I'll try this method on some of the other stalled ideas that I have.smiley - cool

At $500/hr, maybe not.smiley - erm

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There's a fellow on the God Delusion thread who claims special knowledge of gods will. Whenever we point out inconsistencies or contradictions in his statements he reverts to the claim that his faith needs no justification beyond his conscience. His access to gods wisdom extends so that he can both use scripture and contradict it. Since it is not beyond the power of god to change his mind if he wants to, god can contradict those scriptures, but he is the only one who can. Since warner claims that he can do that he is in effect claiming to be god.

Well, if he can, I can. I hereby declare myself to be the Great God Drongo, Creator and Lord of the Infinite Universe.

As I am presently using a human vessel to carry my perfection around, I think that the expressed portion of my infinite wisdom should not be heavier than that vessel can carry. This means that I will dim my bulb to human level.

Having dimmed said bulb and since few people pay attention to Commandments anyway, I thought that I would solicit suggestions for sacred laws from those whom I will command to obey.

I'm going for 614 mitzvas, one more than YWH. The first will be on the thread that follows.

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Invisible Fence

Miasma. I guess it makes sense to get depressed when things are going badly but I seem to get it most when things are goiing well. smiley - huh

My latest invention is close to the production version and it works way better that I dreamed when I first thought of it. Usually, my enthusiasm peters out when I run into so many obstacles that I have to accept that I can't build it. This time, the next step is clear and wide open. So, why am I stalling?

Haven't been in the shop in a week. Yesterday, I got dressed and headed out there, then steered left at the door and went for a walk instead. About a block from my house, that little dog came running out, chirping that funny little hyperaggressive thing that they do. I don't pay him much attention because I know that he'll stop at the edge of the lawn. There's a clear line in the grass where he works it in his tiny fury.

There's a sign posted on the tree there. It says 'Invisible Fence'. One of those techno replacements for a dog lead. It comes with a collar that zaps him if he crosses the line. I bet he thinks it's my fault he gets it. He's only doing his job, after all; why should he be punished for it?

I try to be friendly to him. 'Hey, how ya doin', Buddy?' I put my hand down to show him I'm OK when I notice. He's not wearing his collar! But he still won't cross that line.

I'm starting to identify with the dog. smiley - blue

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End all war

I woke up this morning about four o'clock and couldn't get back to sleep for a wonderful idea that I had for ending all war.

Pass a law to change only one word and only when used in a particular context. Change the word 'spend' to 'earn' when discussing military matters. For instance, newspaper copy would have to say things like 'Parliament voted today to increase defense earnings by 60%' or 'The Pentagon earned $666 billion this year fighting terrorists'

There just seems to be something about taxpayer psychology that makes them strangely blind to what happens to their money. When you write a cheque to the taxman or look at the withholding on your pay, you think of the money as simply disappearing. You moan about it going into a hole in the ground or flying off into space. In fact, every penny of those funds is carefully counted and then ends up in someones pocket. If you would only follow the money, you would know who actually runs your country.

It's become accepted that the Bush Presidency is the worst in American history. Nonsense. Seen from the perspective of those who installed him in the White House, Dubya's has been the most spectacularly successful.

I wish there was something like Bush Inc. on the stock market. I would have bought some.smiley - smiley

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About a year ago, I had an experience that I haven’t spoken of because I didn’t know what to make of it.

I had been tossing and turning in my bed for most of the night when I ended up in that place between awake and asleep, somewhere between the formless void of night and the first vague outlines of the trees outside my window. Between here and everywhere.

Then He was there. Now I was fully awake except...I can’t open my eyes. Or.. they are open, but I can’t look around. At first, there’s no thought to turn my head beause He doesn’t have a direction, He’s uncontained, fills all of space. Now, I try to move but I can’t. I’ve had that feeling before but it usually comes with some kind of panicky thing, but not this time.

Lost my place in space now. About a handspan in front of my face, I can see the texture of the flaking paint on the ceiling of my bedroom and, without turning around, am aware that my physical body is cold on the bed below me.

“Follow me!” It’s not a real voice, not actual words. No ears to hear. I just understand and follow.

“Where are you taking me?” I have the sensation of my heart pounding except there’s no pulse, no rhythm. Just a great sense of pressure making my... what? Soul? Expanding, losing my edges. Now i’ve lost the sense of separation between my self and the infinite space around me.

“Listen” Waves of soundless music saturate my emotions.

“Feel” Warmth is not exactly what it’s like; it’s inexpressibly more than that.

“Taste” Warm milk, then sweet. Now a fine malt tingle.

“Look” Though eyeless, I can see everything to an infinite distance in every direction in space and time. I’m suddenly aware of numberless presences around me.

People that I’ve loved and lost are restored to me. Lonelinesses dissolved. Wounds, not so much healed, as unmade, as though they never happened.

The soundless voice began again. “You have Courage. You have Love. You know Me. Now, you believe”

This isn’t a question, it’s a statement. At that instant, and for the first time in my life, I know God and I answer.

“Say something in Swahili for me”


“Swahili. You can’t, can you?”

“I’ve shown you the begining and the end of time, the whole of the universe, the meaning of....”

“Yeah, I know, thanks, but I can imagine all of those things. Sensation without cause or senses to feel with. It’s what brains do. I can’t imagine what Swahili sounds like. Say something, prove that you’re not imaginary.”

“I’ve given you...”

“Overwhelming sensation. Now, how about some information? Where are my damn car keys, for instance?”


“Before you go, I mean, as long as you’re here, could you..?”

No sooner had I thought this than there she was. A great fusion of every woman I’d ever...well, there’s no words for it.
Some timeless time later I was aware of being awake in my bed with no memory of waking up. Just an ache in my face from the grin. I got up and pulled the linens and took them to the laundry.smiley - magic

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