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carrying on

...o i said to her " mabel" i said, "if you really want those kind of results you
are going to have to ask him to"

Hey, what's going on? Where am i?

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to someone who has friended me

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you know who you are because i asked you to take me off of your friends list
i dont want you following me because you seem unfriendly to me


please remove me


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am i the only one out here?

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you know... alone

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i am a heretic

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Heresy is an opinion held in opposition to that of authority or orthodoxy. It is primarily used in a religious context, but by extension (and with increasing frequency), to secular subjects. The term assumes the existence of an orthodoxy. - wikipedia

my heresy is in opposition to the orthodox patriarchal social system...
older than this Heresies Magazine of the '70s...
but still struggling in a world still not convinced or even aware
that women still do not have an equal footing with men
that we have a right to an equal footing

and lemme tell you folks
its getting really
old smiley - cross

see the film if you can
peruse the magazine

lets talk about why IT hasnt happened yet
what is holding IT up
and what to do about those findings

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and so it goes...

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