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rant of the day - numero due

Okay, today mainly consisted of bus travel. Which is not a good start. The reason for this is because i was roped into a "group revision session" which required me to travel all the way across town to sit with a couple of mates and pretend to revise whilst eating cookies, (which was in fact the incentive in going in the first place). This annoyed me because i could sit and do this at home without having to subject myself to the trauma of the bus. But I went anyway. The cookies were good.

After having a conversation with my boyfriend the night before where I told him that I was feeling a bit down, he invited me to his house where he said that could keep me company and cheer me up a bit. For those of you who are reading thisand who find innuendo in this, then I tell you now... I do too! So, anyway, that meant I had to get TWO buses to the other side of town to get to his house. The there was the short walk in which it duly started to pee down with rain. I didn't have an umbrella.

or a hood.

Oh, on my way to his house I bought chocolate milk and scones which I regard as comfort food. On arriving to his house I find that his house lacked condiments of all sorts, including jam and butter. So my plans of scones were scuppered.

He insisted on walking me home, much to his regret. This bit is funny. We were having a "moment", as it were, and at this point I should mention that we were standing under a tree, because that's important. he leant in to kiss me when a lovley pile of bird excrement landed on his shoulder. nice. I declined when he offered to walk me the rest of the way home. I offer some advice at this point - it is not advisable to be walking on your own whilst bent double in fits of hysterical laughter.

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just another day

well, i woke up this morning, 2am to be precise, freaking out because i misread my clock, thought it was 10am, and was thinking of as many excuses as possible as to why i had missed my AS Sociology exam. Fortunately, i realised my mistake when trying to put my pants on back to front in my mad panic...

all was good and dandy untill i actually had to get up for real. my dad then thinks it best fitting to tell me only now that i would have to brave the bus today, oh dear god, because he had an appointment of sorts. the bus is a bad enough situation at the best of times, but the combination of rush hour with the consequence of snotty little 12 year olds screaming down their phones and the prospect of failing your exam if you don't find at least five minutes to revise beforehand, is enough to put anyone a little on edge.

i would like to apologise for the poor grammatical sentenc structuring now as i am afraid, it will no doubt get worse. the reasons for this are largely down to my unstable frame of mind, and when i begin to rant about what's got my goat then i find it hard to stay on one subject at a time, hence the clauses sub-clauses and the never ending quantities of commas.

well, there was a point to this but i can't remember what it would have been. Tune in 2moro for RANT OF THE DAY

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