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Debating, a couple of ideas

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Rev Nick - dead man walking (mostly)

While the Zen's know me (or of me), we are not mutual friends anywhere. So I'm a bit shy to drop too much into his 'debate' thread.
But a couple of ideas do come to mind, for your assessings if you would.

'Teams' does sound rather formalized and rigid, and as someone mentioned, might have 12 on one side and 2 on the other. Point-
scores wouldn't really be 'fair'. Depending on the sort of subject matter, perhaps with the first post by anyone, they declare themselves
"Pro / Agree" or "Con / Disagree"

Come the end of a preset time (if there was to be one), the scored 'points' would be averaged against each side of a fence. Say,
210 points for the 'Pro', and 11 such people, their side of the scale weighs about 19.1 ... 196 points for the 'Con' side, with maybe 5
persons there, ... a score of 39.2 ... Cons seem to have won.

Drop-ins, well, their ideas or opinions are likely to be supportive of something one side or the other has said, and might weigh as a quarter
or half point. Not full if they won't engage, but a gain by which-ever side because their arguments have brought someone to the theatre.

Debating, a couple of ideas

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

I think you should post these comments to the debate thread, Nick. I can't possibly monitor and integrate two threads on the subject on top of all the stuff I'm following right now! You bookmarked your presence in the thread so why not say something?

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Debating, a couple of ideas

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