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Archangel Zax

Heya lil...

i dropped in because i made a discovery tonight.

you see, i'd long had the niggling feeling in the back of my mind.. feeling like i'd done or said something to offend you... see, i've long felt that i must have offended you, since you seem to make a point of giving me the cold shoulder in the threads...
smiley - smiley
tonight i stumbled- literally- upon an old post from you where you described me as having the habit of 'stage managing' my saint initiations. to follow, you commented that i put words and actions in/on other people's constructs of themselves...

i do hope that this isn't the true root of your distaste for me, for if it were, i feel it would be only too bad...

in my bumbling first attempts to perform a ceremony which would bring new members into a new group, i made several mistakes. the fact is, that in our fledgling period there wasn't exactly a pattern to follow, nor was there anyone raising their hand and offering to do it themselves. i never volunteered to saint anyone... I was appointed the task by GOD, who expressed concern that everyone feel involved. in an effort to do so, i attempted to paint all of the saints into the picture.

i can say that i'm sorry if you felt that at some point i put words or actions into your surreality, but as the post- whatever it may have been- is lost in antiquity, there is no way for me to even know what it was that i 'managed'.

i'm being deeply honest with you, not accusing or angry. if anything, i'm slightly hurt that you went off in a separate thread and accused me of this... rather than stating it in the open. espescially as this is far from being a typical trait of mine... to the point where i rarely include others even in REFERENCE in my posts.

however, tonight i have come to learn just how important your version of ettiquette is to you, and i can respect that.

i would simply add however, that a very important piece of ettiquette would be to address your dissatisfaction with a person's behavior directly to that person's home page. in my reality, to discuss their behavior off on a unrelated thread- naming them by NAME- and not directing their attention to the issue directly is not only unmannerly, it borders on talking behind that person's back. point out a person's faults to the person themself- not to everyone else. pointing fingers.... well, enough said already.
just a thought, but one that bears consideration. ettiquette is ettiquette.

it really is too bad, as i said. I've always held a strong respect and admiration for your abilities. I only wish i'd known sooner how i was offending.

and again, my apologies.


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Archangel Zax

to correct something from my last post... i wrote:
"if anything, i'm slightly hurt that you went off in a separate thread and accused me of this... rather than stating it in the open.""

rather, i should have phrased it:
"... rather than stating it directly to me."

just to prevent being misinterpreted.


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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

I'm sorry, Zax, to find that I have upset you. While it's true that I didn't care for that style of "performance art" as I have come to call it, I didn't consider my opinion to be THAT important, or for my presence to be that important to what is clearly a thriving section of the guide.

In the past couple of months, I have had to ratchet my participation down to just a few groups, the two most important (to me) of which have been the Atelier/Gallery and the Aroma Cafe, where I have been summer caretaker. Originally the Cafe moderatorship was to be split between 2 researchers when Irv went on holiday, but #2 became unexpectedly swamped with work, so I had it by myself. The cafe has long been a very popular spot and I felt honour-bound to work very hard at it, to keep it that way. The Atelier is my own creation and I am deeply fond of the crowd who attend the salon there and interested in what they have to say.

I am also "close" with my landlords, CLI, to the point where our performance art interacts between sites, and I am in fairly constant touch with a cyber-nephew (no relation in real life).

And then there's the business of art commissions to fill up the spaces in between, not to mention the subediting.

Just to get it in perspective, here are things I have done but dropped out of after a while for no particular reason:
Church of the True Brownie
Church of the True Weevil
Rambling Misfits
Historical Society
Swimming to Jupiter
I very occasionally get over to the Freedom From Faith Foundation and to the Cheshire Grin Inn where I wash up (don't you have employment over there too?) ... and to the Guardian Angels. I hope I have remained on good terms with all the entities who maintain those establishments.

If I thought the issue was big enough, I would have raised it at the Page of Continuity. No disrespect was ever intended; nor were my remarks a general condemnation of you as an entity, any more than are my occasional grumbles about God Almighty's verbosity intended as an expression of personal dislike. I am certain that there are researchers on the site who don't care for my mode of self-expression, too. And that I'm a fine one to be calling G.A. verbose!

I feel very contrite about saying something that caused you distress because I try to make it a point never to say anything in public about anyone that I wouldn't be ashamed to say to their face. But the matter of how to perform investitures -- well, it would be very rude of me to disrupt the flow of the thread with a complaint, especially such a trivial one. Especially where it's not my party. History shows that I have not hesitated to visit the user pages of entities who I feel HAVE overstepped the line. But I also try to get some consensus on the matter before I pay such a visit, which is why the Page of Continuity has proven so useful.

Does this help at all?

Have you received the long-delayed update to the Angels logo?


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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

The greatest miracle in the Bible is when Joshua told his son to stand
still and he obeyed him.


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Archangel Zax

okey doke.. smiley - smiley

and yes, the logo came thru, and it's really awesome... i sent it on to GOD the day i got it, but he 'lost' the email... something about unreliable connections. anyway, i resent it 2x now, so he should have it... doesn't much matter, as he's busy blaming *me* for the delay smiley - winkeye
anyhoo, i have a feeling he'll like it.. he liked the others quite a bit too, just didn't want to seem like he was tooting his own horn too much, you know? (rather it be h2g2 guardian angels than GOD's guardian angels, you know? or just plaint guardian angels... whatever...)
this one's great, and i'm hoping he lets me put a miniature version on *my* page..


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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

I think it should be handed out to any Guardian Angel who wants to display it on their user page, like wearing "colors"! smiley - smiley


Post 7

Researcher 99947

I was hoping for a fist fight to break out. Damn Shim!


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Archangel Zax

yeah, that's sorta what i was thinking would be cool.. much cooler than that (cute but let's face it, silly) flapping angel!

i'm glad you think so too! wasn't sure if you'd be offended having it handed around.. but then, what better praise for an artist, eh? smiley - winkeye

*elbows spork*
naw man, it wasn't about fighting at all...
and lil's much to civilized for that... besides, you know what a spineless sychophant i am!smiley - bigeyes
just call me 'bootlicker'!

time for me to bed...
night all!


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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Sprinkles rice in Zax's bed

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