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Hooray, hooray, welcome back!

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Garius Lupus

Glad to see you! I've missed you, as have lots of others.

I looked at the property on your web site. I quite liked it. Where would you put the house - down near the trees (I assume they will let you build on flood-plain since the river is controlled)? What's the local experience with wells - they easy to locate, do they produce good water? Will it be difficult to get power in to the site? Sorry for all the questions smiley - biggrin

Now, on to something else ...

You're invited to play a role in a role-playing scenario that I am setting up. It's pretty much done - we've just been waiting for you smiley - biggrin. (Not for very long - the last role was only filled on Tuesday). The scenario description is here:
It will point you to a general information and rules page, so be sure to read that too. The character you will be playing, if you want to play, is the Castaway. You can read your character description in your/her private thread. It really looks like a lot of fun, so I can't imagine you NOT wanting to play. smiley - winkeye

While everyone is waiting for the thing to start, they have gathered in a thread called: "Pre-start conversation" on the main scenario page. Once you have read your character description and are ready to go, let me know and I will fire the starting gun.

I wasn't sure if you would be back in time, so I have had Witty waiting to find out who she will play - she was to play your role if you couldn't participate. I think it is probably safe now to let her know her role. smiley - winkeye

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Hooray, hooray, welcome back!

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