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Shea the Sarcastic

Hi Lil!

I don't know if you remember me from ezBoards (I wandered in and out of the Atelier there occasionally).

Anyway, you asked at Lil's Atelier here:
>I am accepting advice from anybody on how you put a Quicktime movie up
>where people can view it. They are large beasts! Five seconds, 9.4 MB. Well,
>it was a very complicated 5 seconds with a lot of reflecting surfaces... I was
>testing the effect of a glowing ball moving among basic geometric objects.
>But I don't know how one makes it available for viewing.

Do you need the code to put a QuickTime movie on a web page? I wasn't too sure what you were asking. If you want the code to embed a video, you can find it at the html goodies web site. I'll paste it here for you since they don't let us put in URLs anymore. smiley - sadface

The basic embed format looks like this:

Just that will do it.

Inside the main EMBED command, you have the ability to place a bunch of different attributes or sub-commands. They are:

* HEIGHT="--" and WIDTH="--" This sets the height and width of the space in which the embedded item will play.

* LOOP="--" This states if the video will play again and again ("true") or if it should play once and stop ("false" or no use of the LOOP command.)

* HIDDEN="--" This will work to hide the control panel. The problem is in this case it also hides the video. That's not good. Don't use it.

* AUTOSTART="--" This tells the browser to start the video right away ("true") upon its download completion or to wait for viewer clicks to start playing ("false" or no use of the command).

If that's not what you wanted, sorry for taking up your time... But a little extra HTML knowledge never hurt anybody (at least not much!). smiley - winkeye

See ya bye,
Shea the Sarcastic


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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

Hi Shea, Of course I remember you, especially your presence at the Oasis Beach! And I'm grateful for the HTML. I WILL use it when I create a manageable-sized animation. But the one I made was 9.5 MB, and nobody will wait for a thing like that to download on their web page. It was full of reflections, that's why it got so big: I was testing Bryce's ability to handle a moving light source with water underneath and a few mirror-surfaced things about...

You're welcome to come by the atelier here, too -- it's at A304354.


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Shea the Sarcastic

I know what you mean about file size! They always want me to make games at work, but the file size usually ends us so big that you have to set it to loading the Shockwave in the background while you do other things on the web (at least at home on my 56K modem!). 10 or 15 minutes later, you're ready to go (yeah, right!). They load pretty quickly on the zippy T1 line we have at work, though - so the bosses get to think it loads quick, and I still get the fun of designing games (don't tell them! - shh!). smiley - winkeye

I'll pop by the Atelier later, thanks!

See ya bye!

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