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Look out h2g2, here comes Beeblefish!

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Latest reply: Mar 13, 2005

Peer Review

Three cheers for the new Peer Review system!!

It is working better than ever!

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Latest reply: Nov 21, 2000

Today is the Day

Im am quitting my job at Marche( its been fun but Im dead tired) .. so if anyone reads this page and cares I'll be back soon ... smiley - smiley

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Latest reply: Sep 28, 2000

Woo Hoo

You Like Me - You Really Like Me!
I was made a subbie yesterday and I couldnt be pleased as puncher! smiley - smiley
Ive also just got a new job at Movenpick Marche, the buisiest restaurant in Toronto!
So this is a good day.

~Beeblefish (On the Job) smiley - fish

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Latest reply: Mar 23, 2000

Happiness is . . .

Heeeeeeeey kids!

Im so excited today. I have had some majorly good synchronicity. Firstly, I found a place actually called the Aroma Cafe in Toronto!

Secondly, I have been allowed to help out int the teaching of an Indian Cookining course at my school. Ill just be doing all the prep work and stirring etc, but its like I get to take the awesome (and expensive ) course for free. And it was all synchonicity related, but I will post that to the synchronicity forum if any is interested!

Anyway, Im very happy today!


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Latest reply: Dec 16, 1999

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