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Latest reply: May 5, 2012

Should I go or should I stay?

I've been offered the opportunity to go to a conference in St Johns, Newfoundland.

On the plus side - I recall that one of the organisers looks verrrrry attractive in a short skirt. We are talking total babe, in a wholsesome, Canadian stylee.

On the minus side...well do I need to spell it out? We're exactly talking big lights, bright city, are we? Sure, sure it's somewhere unusual that not many people can say they've been, except for refuelling maybe. But I'm guessing it's maybe for a reason that St Johns Newfoundland does not feature on the vacation itinerary for The International Smart Set (amongst whom I count myself part. smiley - smiley). I may be totally, totally wrong, of course. Perhaps it's a lovely place. But, meh, I can use up my brownie points quota on somewhere better, I think.

But then I saw a place nearby that I'd *love* to visit!

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Latest reply: Mar 19, 2012

Mighty Aphrodite

All the way home tonight I could see Venus, high above the horizon, magnitude 3.75 (mental calculation - that's about 2/3 as bright as it gets, right?). I took the kids out to see it. After they'd got over the usual teenage shrugging they were impressed. Jupiter was looking good, too.

It gives me another chance to re-post my favourite po-yem:

Translation on request.

End with a song:

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This afternoon I bought two quinces. Two quince. Two quincii...This afternoon I bought a quince. Also - I bought another one.

I've peeled and quartered them and they are now simmering in some homemade syrup with a little lemon juice. Soon the house will be full of a heady scent akin to Turkish delight. If I cook them for a few hours they'll turn dark, dark red. (initially they resemble lumpy, hard apples.)

Then I shall cool them and serve them with mascarpone. I shall reduce the syrup and bottle it for future ice cream.

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Latest reply: Dec 16, 2011

I have bone and kidney disease.

I'm bone idle and I kidney be bothered.

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