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back for a visit

or long time no see...

I am back for a visit - but I won't promise to start posting regularly...

I wonder who of my "old friends" is still here smiley - smiley

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Still alive...

...and still kicking,

thought I'd let you all know (if someone out there is still reading here)....

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All new

I have just unsuscribed from more than 4 years of conversation, and I am going to empty my friends list in a moment.
That way I can have a new start here.

Whoever wants still to be in contact is welcome to write to me (and chances are high that after a while the friends list will be filled - but right now that is a way to see who is really interested)

I hope not to insult anyone with these actions, but I think a fresh start is just the right thing to do.....

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A New Year...

...has started.
And a lot of people ended the old with "next year I will start..." or "next year I will stop..."

What are your New Year's resolutions?
And if you had any - are they still exisiting or have you already abandoned them?

(I never make any New Year's resolutions, either I change what I want to change or I don't, but I don't cling to certain dates for that)

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Mother in law ... be one is what I have to get used to now.
But it is a nice thought - and it was a beautiful wedding.

The ceremony was held in an registration office and was done with a nice speach from the registrar.

I was very happy for the bride that her mother could be present (her family doesn't live in Germany) - and that her father got through by phone later in the day.

The reception afterwards was nice, the food excellent - and it was a very happy, though also tiring day....

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