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Hello Marianne,

My name is Spynxxx...well not really as that would be a rather strange monicker in real life, but for the purpose of this site Spynxxx I am. I was just conversing with my lovely and talented friend Flame and she thought a visit might be in order. Now being the dutiful friend that I am and having the utmost faith in dear Flame's judgements I made my way here post haste.

Sadly enough this is the second time typing this as the first was inadvertently wiped out by Internet explorer and there propensity for errors at inoportune moments, sort of like when a visiter is knocking at your door when you are 'indisposed' (thats a polite way of saying you're on the can) But enough topic drift.

This is an oportune way to meet as I'm not the sort you'll meet in your general wanderings about the site. No, for the most part I inhabit one specific place, that being the Alternative Writing Workshop or AWW for short. If you plan to write anything other than a factual(ie;boring) entry for the Edited Guide you will have to submit it to the AWW where my fellows and I will comment on such, offering what help we may to further your piece in both form and style. It's sort of our job as we are Miners for The UnderGuide.

UnderGuide you say? What's that then, the latest from Victoria's Secret? No, instead of supermodels (which we only keep around for publicity purposes mind you) we are the outfit which publishs only the best of creative writing here at hootoo. Each week one of our picks is put on the front page for all to enjoy, and as there are a limited number if such weeks in a year you can simply due the math to see what an honor that is. Then each is nestled saftly in our archives for any and all to come enjoy in the future. Or you could simply ask Flame who is one of the finest writers on site with mutiple UG entries to her credit.

Our merry band are called miners, for that is what we do, mine the true gems that lie amidst the semi-precious, rather ordinary and just plain (explative deleted) that gets submitted to the AWW in hope of attaining literary immortality. We're a friendly enough bunch, fully housebroken and seldom humping anyones leg in untoward displays of affection.

This was how Flame and I became aquinted as a matter of fact, with me admiring her assets...the written ones that is and shame on you for thinking otherwise. Obviously this has turned into a lasting frienship, one which I value more than mere words can express.

Obviously you get a jump on the introductions rather than have to wait after submitting a piece to us. You are planning on submitting a story aren't you? Flame generally hangs with the best and brightest of writers so I naturally assume you to be such and will be looking forward to reading your work.

Of course that is after the campaign is over, when I can return to my duties as miner instead of Deputy Campaign Director for the Ozark Party and the Hypatia for President campaign. I wouldn't dream of pimping the election here of course. Well yes I would but that is my job at the moment and I would feel remiss if I didn't take the opertunity to do so. You can see the Ozark Party Platform at A1341109 and yu can pledge your support at the Hypatia for President headquartes at A5645531. There, duty done and I feel better.

Aside from the politics though I shall look forward to chatting soon and having an chance to read your work.

Spynxxxsmiley - fullmoon

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