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Smoke, flames, usual stuff.....

Especuially when you inadvertantly set fire to your desk top smiley - blush
Thought I'd get some more RAM to improve performance, hadn't quite planned on an upgrade before Christmas, but pesky PC had other ideas smiley - cross

Pulled RAM stick out, taking all ususal precautions, to check type and processor speed etc. Put back in and switch on, result smiley - yikes Smoke, flames the ususual stuff when you set fire to something, but completely unexpected smiley - blush

Off to the PC smiley - doctor....It's dead, never to return, deceased. A mere £150 for a basic upgrade, cheers easy, it's numpties like me keep him in business smiley - sadface

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NO! Clearing :)

NO clearing for offspring! smiley - biggrin The results are in, 4A's x A* smiley - magic and darling daughter, aka the money pit, is off to start 4 years at John Moore University in Septembersmiley - cool Now the real expense begins and work for her, 3 years Sports Science and 1 year QTS - It still brings to mind 'Digby' the PE teacher on the Grimleys smiley - winkeye

Suitably chuffed, considering she's not even 18 yet!

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I have the winning ticket!

Yes, it's true folks! All i hav to do is give the Cornwall and devon safety camera partnership £60 and my drivers licience and they'll give me a whole three points! smiley - grr

I wouldn't be so affronted, but they had positioned their camera van at the end of a lengthy dual carriageway, where it closes down to three lanes, mine being the dual side and nicked me for 72mph in a 60mph zone. Fair play, I am guilty and as a reasonable and law abiding citizen who is not in the habit of tearing up the peace of the streets at 80mph as the taxi drivers do around my rural part of England, I will cough up and you caufght me bang to rights Guv. smiley - shrug

What I do question is the road safety aspect of the camera's position, or perhaps was it more to do with a private company, loosely affiliated to smiley - bluelight positioning them selves on a piece of road where there has been no recorded accidents in a deliberate attempt to catch the unwary in order to generate maximum revenue. smiley - cross

I shall be writing to my MP, harumphhh! (Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells)

Yeah, I know smiley - cheerup guilty and pay up tight wad smiley - ok At least the money pit is amused, just 17 and zero points on her full licience smiley - laugh We'll see as the years and zealots take their toll smiley - winkeye

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Gone for a sabbatical

That's me off for a weeks sabbatical -

When I get back I really ought to type up an entry on ultra distance endurance eventing while the pain is still fresh in my mind - DON'T DO IT! It hurts, a lot, every year the entry form comes through the door like a gauntlet being thrown down. Am I too old now? smiley - senior Have I still got what it takes? smiley - erm Will my body finally have it's revenge and fall to bits on me altogther?

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It's St George's day!

There is but one task for all,
Who will stand should freedom fall,
Who will die that England live.

Somewhat jingoistic, I knowsmiley - blush however it is St George's day and I did used to go and celebrate at Easter with the Republicans (Irish) and any other excuse we could find for a party smiley - laugh, thus another excuse to party and Vive la difference (Celebrate the difference)

DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS smiley - monster

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