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Well, that's been an odd week.

We have rampage! smiley - biggrin

We have doors widened! smiley - biggrin

My husband can see the outdoor world again! smiley - somersault

I met my middle son's GF for the first time! smiley - hugsmiley - hugsmiley - hug

That same son has now told me he's transgender smiley - rainbow

I really, really, really couldn't tell (yeah, right Mags and the toothfairy is real as wellsmiley - winkeye )

His Dad's an arse about it, but there's nowt fresh there.

All is full of love.

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This year has...

...sucked arse.


As if to top the year, Teh Blak Kitteh (also know as Camaris) has shuffled off this mortal coil.

All was full of love. He died on my lap around 7.30. I couldn't stop crying.

smiley - rose

smiley - sadface

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Sometimes the drugs do work...

Some of you know this already and some of you don't, but quite frankly the end of the year and so far into this one has been a horrible, torrid time.

Hubby, who has MS, suffered a slight relapse at the beginning of December and lost his sense of taste and became a bit less mobile than usual, meaning that he couldn't drive anywhere. He could still (after a fashion) potter about in the house. I had to walk behind him when he was going up the stairs and in front of him when he was coming down. I really didn't about what would happen to me or him if he fell backwards or forwards down the stairs. He's a big bloke 6'2" (built like an outhouse, sorry babe) - I'm 4'11" and eight and half stone dripping wet.

On Christmas Eve (great timing you stupid disease) hubby was walking upstairs as normal and dropped to the floor, we managed (after two hours) to get him into bed by crawling and pulling him along on towels.

He's been in that bed ever since. His legs aren't working. They move, oh boy do they move, but sadly he can't control the movement. He's not dead from the waist down, because he still feels the pain, even in his feet smiley - yikes

He lost his hearing about 7 weeks ago. That's fun. It really makes you realise how the written word can be misinterpreted, I tried to use smilies and laugh when I thought he'd got to right bit, but his eyesight went wonky as well, which made it harder.

He was so isolated, no sounds (none of his beloved music smiley - cry), couldn't see properly, hands all shot to frell, so he couldn't write or play the video games we brought up. Either myself, or my son were with him almost constantly. And the poor buggar started to make absolutely no sense at all...

He went to hospital two weeks ago, came home with antibiotics. Chest infection, apparently.

Now, I'm not saying that amoxicillin can cure all ills, but...since he's been back at home and taking the medicine (as well as the other shit he takes), his hearing has started to return, ('He won't sell much ice-cream going at that speed" - Morcambe and Wise smiley - winkeye) His sense of smell returned yesterday and with it his taste. For the first time in a long time we had laughter.

It's been a rare old tine and missing him almost broke my life, but he's slowly, slowly coming back to me.

Why am I telling you all this, you might ask?

Because I can.

And also by way of apology to all the people who have taken part in Create since November (hey, remember Najo? smiley - winkeye) I have been totally remiss in my duties and not yet sent y'all the code for your badges. I hope you understand and I'll kick meself up the bum and make sure I sort them very, very soon.

Feel free to also kick me up the bum as well if I've missed you. smiley - biggrin

Mags, Create, whatever else I do...

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This doesn't get any better


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Mags NaJoPoMo 2014 Day 7

I've not gone to bed yet so it's still day 7.

I give up.

I can't find the last bit of tech to upgrade me weapons.

I'm so over this game.

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