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I dunno about you

but the QI Elf on the first episode (Alex Bell) is really damn cute.

Also, glad to see QI is back on again!

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Latest reply: Oct 11, 2014

At this rate...

The next "40 Year Old Virgin" film will be made about me! :P

All of my siblings now have people they are dating, I'm beginning to feel like the odd one out. *dashes to okcupid*

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I have a job - I hate it

Factory work, beading windows. Crap hours, crap pay, hot and sweaty work.

Interview for KFCjob tomorrow though, hope I get that job so I can ditch this one, and hopefully the hours won't be 2pm-10pm. I want early hours so I can have afternoon/evening as me time/.

Oh well. Such is life.

On the more positive side had some fun times chatting with the guys at latex101 and got a sneak peek at some of their new stuff, which looks awesome. Maybe one day I can afford it, Christmas present maybe :P

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Some of my writing - looking for feedback

I've recently started up another blog for my writing and I stuck a bit of my book on there. I've posted the whole of this chapter (and the prologue) online before but I've spent some time reworking it. There's only a bit of it up so far as I am still working through it.

Due to me being an idiot, I've ended up doing more work on chapter 1 than the prologue, so the prologue might be a bit worse. What do you mean working through it in a logical order makes sense? :P - Prologue - the first bit of chapter 1

There's also a game review on there, if you can stomach more of my battering on a keyboard!

I'm looking for feedback/criticism on it. Does it make sense, are there sentences that don't make sense, which grammar crimes am I committing? What things do I need to work on? etc etc

I expect there's more than a few grammar/spelling errors that I've missed.

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Just noting down thoughts for my book

I have the current version of my book sat on my computer.

I also have a bunch of things I need to change about it: characters mainly ,and their stories.

I also need to do a detailed breakdown of each chapter so that I have a record of what happens where than I can refer to easily. Which will require reading what I have written :/

Then I need to merge in the changes I want to make into that outline to make sure that they all fit in sensible places.

Then I can start re-writing it and honing it all.

Getting that straight in my head took far too long (months). Now I have a plan!

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