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Trin Tragula

Hello! I'm in the process of polishing up your five 'Interview' pieces for the UG and I'm now calling round with the details - links to the UG versions follow. Since I see you haven't been around for a while, I've gone ahead and tinkered with formatting, punctuation and so on, but there were a few more major changes which are detailed below. So, here they are!


'festered' - I assumed you meant 'infested' and I've gone ahead and changed it. But I wondered if you meant 'festering' instead?

Be back with the others in a bit smiley - run

UnderGuide Calling...

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Trin Tragula

Right - here are the others:





I hope you're happy with what's been done. The only query left is this: we're planning on running these over a series of five weeks, so is there any particular order to them? Art World seems to be the first, but after that?

UnderGuide Calling...

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smiley - ok
wow you have done a great Job.."smiley - cheers

I have read all the edited versions and they look good, you have done a great job. I couldn’t have done better myself, in fact I didn’t hence I am very happy with what's been done.

Festered / Festering – I was trying to picture up a sort of disease ridden brewing process which was slowly spreading all over the world. – Although after looking it up in the dictionary “Infested” sounds better.

Which Order for a series, I am not sure.. it may depend if you are planning an intro or a narrative like the Post does.

Anyhow here is my five pence worth…
1 Art world (Because it was the first I wrote – it’s a sort of meaning of life type interview…)
2 /3 Book World or Why is the earth round (sort of follow on interviews..)

4 Meaning of wife
5 Artificial intelligence (Sort of end of the world … with us pushing up daisies and machines taking over)

But like I said, depending on the slant you give the series a different order may be better...

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