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Greetings from a fellow believer in the paranormal. Unlike you, I do not believe I have psychic abilities, though I dearly wish I did. I confess to having some small talent when it comes to the Tarot, but since anyone who tries can do Tarot, I don't regard it as that great an achievement.

Anyway, to the point of my visit. I was wondering if you'd like to meet someone who's a newbie, like you, and had an interest in the Paranormal. If so, and if they feel the same way, I'll invite them over here. Also, I can give you some links to places in H2G2 you may find interesting. Let me know what you want, OK?

Oh, and if you think I seem a bit overbearing, just say so OK? And if so I apologise in advance.


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Dear Aximili

Thank you for writing to me.

I think, for some reason, that the name Angela brings to mind a young and attractive woman

In fact I am, if not a very old woman, at least an older woman.
There is a story about my second name, which is Angela.

I had an aunt who was a nun (now gone to her eternal rest) who wanted my mother (also gone to her eternal rest) to call me Angela. My mother has always told me that she decided not to call me Angela in case I turned out not to be an angel. And she always believed that she was right in her decision. So Angela became my second name. However as I have described myself as starting work in London in 1961 that should give you an indication of my age.

I am almost at retiring age and fancy myself with a metal detector going out along the embankment of the Thames, searching for miracles. I live in South East London.

I have had several experiences of the paranormal - and if you have had experience of poltergeists I would love to chat to you - if you don't mind chatting to me.

All the very best

smiley - smiley

I won't burden you


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Angela, that is a fascinating story.

Unfortunately, like I said I have very little experience of poultergeists or the paranormal (except for not being able to find things when I put them down, but I doubt that's poultergeistssmiley - laugh)

Of course I don't mind talking to you, and you won't burden me.


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Actually the "I won't burden you" was meant to be the beginning of another paragraph which I started but then decided not to complete - forgetting to delete the "I won't burden you" bit.

If you thought that was a story, I will keep you laughing for a long time. Another story you will like is the one about how I sorted out my daughter's rented room problem in 1992.

Aileen was at Uni in London and, as a second year student, was obliged to leave the security of the student rooms and sort herself out with private rented accommodation. She, with six other female students found and rented a large seven bedroomed house. My daughter was not able to attend the actual moving in process and, in her absence, was allocated the smallest, coldest little room at the top of the house. After a month or so, she told me she could not study there as it was so cold and decided to find herself a room elsewhere, which she did. However, she now had to pay for two rooms as neither she nor the other students were able to find another student. She believed the other six students were not trying very hard to find somebody else, so I decided to lend a helping hand.

I packed a bag, took the key, and went to visit the house. As I let myself in, I heard a happy student party in progress in the basement. Male and female laughter could be heard, filling the house with joyful sounds. I went straight up to her room and found that not only did the bed have blankets strewn all over it, but there were two sleeping bags on the floor - all being accommodated at my daughter's expense.

I then went down to the basement and tapped politely on the partly open door. I would need pages to describe the conversation that ensued and you do not have time for it. I myself can only imagine the horror they must have felt when I asked them to remove the sleeping bags from the room because I was moving in. After all, they had only minutes before been rejoicing that they had got away from their own mothers and now somebody else's mother was moving into their beautiful, young, student home. I stayed there for about a week, by which time they had found somebody else for the room. Aileen no longer had to pay for two rooms, and I was able to go home, my job well done.

I bet you liked that story.

All the best



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smiley - laughsmiley - roflsmiley - laugh

Like it? I loved it.


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If you keep encouraging me like that I shall really start writing.

I was once told by an American writer that I was a born novelist. Somebody said that the main reason for somebody to start writing was the need of money. As I may well be retiring, or part retiring at the end of the year, perhaps I should get some practice in.

I have submitted a short story I wrote in 1992 to H2G2 to see if they would be interested in putting it in the Post. It was published originally in Irelands Own. They may print it. It is called a New Beginning. Keep an eye out, in case they print it.

All the best


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I certainly will. One of my friends (Josh) has a regular serial published in the post.


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Angela, I'm not sure if you still haunt (forgive the pun) this place, but I post this anyway.

I've just read your story 'A Lesson in Love' and I have to say that it brought a tear to my eye and I felt it was truly beautiful.

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