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'allo matey

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Hi Quack,
I have been off line for a bit, The Boss and I had a bug, now I am back I find you missing. I do hope all is well. Perhaps you have found better things to do other than sod about on thissmiley - biggrin
smiley - cheers

'allo matey

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Hi Kif,

Sorry if it seems I was neglecting the 'gang'. I was well and truly crocked for a few days.

We've had this flu thing for a while now but coping with that. I mentioned in a previous journal entry that I had been having trouble with some minor leg injuries which had ulcerated, we were managing ok and just about had them beat. Until that is the Chiropodist came, within a few days I had blisters all over my feet, the Doctor said it was a fungal attack and gave me some cream.

Within the Week it was a real mess and hurt like hell, another visit to the Doctor who said it was now infected and gave me antibiotics.smiley - wah

Spent most of last week laying on my back with legs high on a pile of blanketssmiley - sadface

I kept looking in to the threads and saw that you were missing as well but I knew you were having problems with family illness and I predicted you would get it.

Suppose I could have posted a couple of times but the situation didn't do much for my sense of humour and I wasn't particularly good company.

Thanks for your concern, feeling a bit better now and will catch that evil smiley - devil Sir kif later.

Time to do the smiley - bat thing and hang upside down for an hoursmiley - laugh

Quacksmiley - ok

'allo matey

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O.K. smiley - smiley
see you on the battlefield when you are fitty!

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