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the rissole thing

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Musashi Himura, the ronin returns, is happy to be back

yall must be thinking im really dumb hey tri? its been a busy day my friend any hows im goin soon so i got to ask you one thing

*puts on gameshow host voice*

you have been selected to place down you musical tastes on my music thread if you would like check out my personal space.


the rissole thing

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Hey man, you aint dumb, it's one of those jokes which are absolutely stupid, it either hits you or it doesn't and if it doesn't hit you it's gone.

A Rissole is a kind of Burger thing made from Veggies and whatever meat is available, I think it was originally Rice and Beef mince and fried or grilled.

OK - Guy sees the miss-print (Pissole for Rissole) and thinks he will have some fun, so he asks the Waitress for it, 'Pissole and Chips.'

In case you don't understand Pissole, if you are a bloke you will have a piece of your body which is (hopefully) fairly long through which you urinate, (piss). What does a Female have?.

Waitress gets upset and points out that it should be an 'R' not a 'P'.

Man is determined to have more fun so instead of asking for Rissole he asks for 'R' sole (Arsehole) and Chips.

The worst thing you can do to a joke is explain it, I hope it wasn't too rude though.

I've told that joke many times and there are loads of people who just look blank and don't get it. (It is pretty stupid but hey man, it's a joke).

Left my Music on your thread, pretty mundane stuff from me though.

Stay well and be happy...smiley - ok


the rissole thing

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Musashi Himura, the ronin returns, is happy to be back

hey quacky


that really isnt a funny joke dude, and dont worry you werent too rude

except for when you insinuated that i dont know what a rissole is (and the answer is....vile, just kiddin or was i?)

please cure my hangover, cure it TRI please its the worst ive ever had ever and ive had some bloody blinders (especially when i drank bleach, erm surgical spirit, and mouthwash on seperate occasions obviousy arrg now i seem like a**hole dont i?)

ne way thanks for the explanation ne way

the rissole thing

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Hey man, no-body seems to know what a Rissole is, there's already two versions on the joke page.

I told you the joke was stupid right from the start didn't I ?

Hangover is caused by dehydration and shortage of Vitamin 'C', you need a carton of fresh (real) orange juice and a bag of salty chips.

the rissole thing

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Musashi Himura, the ronin returns, is happy to be back

thanks but i haveta wait for me break and the closest to fre orange i got is bloody capri sun

wheres you from the quacky id assume your ever american or english (god i learned all this crap from sherlock holmes my powers of perception amaze me) because your either refering to crisps (the english version of potato chips, god i feel stupid describing this if you turn out to be british) as chips or the kinda chips that americans call fries (i think i told ya im hungover so youll have to bear with me) that i get from the chip shop smiley - blush

the rissole thing

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Not crisps, deep fried potato chunks or fingers eaten hot with salt, sometimes called french fries.


the rissole thing

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Musashi Himura, the ronin returns, is happy to be back

nice sorry i didnt mention scotland wales and ireland in my question thing lol or i could of simply said uk-ish hmmmmm

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