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troponin blood tests

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Hi Doc., re. your comments on the heart disease article, could you explain the troponin blood tests?.....I more than likely have had them but the name is not familiar!!I haven't put this in the aticle at this stage as I cannot find any info to date on these tests!

troponin blood tests

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Troponins are the name of one of the proteins that make up part of the architecture of heart muscle cells, but aren't found in other types of muscle. Normally there's almost no troponin in the blood, but if some heart muscle has died (as in a heart attack), the cells burst open and release troponin into the bloodstream. They are usually detectable around 6 hours after the pain starts if you've had a heart attack. Doctors will often take troponins several times during a patient's hospital admission, particularly if the patient has ongoing pain.

If you need more info, just google 'troponins' and that should give you more than enough!

Happy to be of help!


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troponin blood tests

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