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Journal the 18th

I remember a time of thriving, of ways and things, of wonder and intrigue and hot sauce.
I remember the denials and the blame and the refutations.
I remember the game of false life I once played.
I remember those who played back.

Nice to see a few of them who still give lie to the life that still beats in the undercurrent and noise of the new existance.

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Journal the 17th (allegedly)

As time flows and memory subsides, as with sediment of a river, much is revealed glittering underneath.
I cannot forget my foundations, the legacy must be kept alive.
To whit:
bunnyfrog woz ere.

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Journal The ?????????????????

This is confusing. Theres two of me.

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Entry the 14th

So here I am again back in the arms of bless'ed hootoo long-may-it-flourish. Why the absence I hear the cry?? Well, read the cry. Well, read the vague wonderings.
It is due to womanhood. I, against all the apporpriate odds have acquired a lady of virtue, a maid of unimpeachable honour and veracity and general all-round funkiness. She doesnt like me to spend all my time faffing with computers Damn.
Well, I say this, but I acquired her quite some time ago and have devoted a portion of my energies to softening her resolve and let me have some fun. This is akin to training a cat. Some scream from the rafters that it cannot be done, not on this sanctified Earth, but I argue that, same as a cat, if you arrange matters so that acceding to my will is to their own benefit...well...
Unfortunatly, unlike training a cat, a water pistol just annoys her, so I have employed that most manly of attributes, the Sulk. Not just any old sulk, the insufferable, pouty, whingy, 3 year old esque, stampy foot Sulk. The one that makes anyone with even a whiff of parental instinct cringe in their boots. The one which means a hastily adminstered chocolate bar saves 3 hours of angry noises and stomping about.
So far, it is working...I can devote SOME time to hootoo again...this is a start. I hope she never reads this else I suspect I will recieve a sound spanking. Hmm....not such a bad idea.smiley - winkeye

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Lucky 13th

To all whom it may concern, I know I havent been on H2G2 as frequently as I should, for which I apologise, but for the next month I have a legitmate excuse.

I am going to China.

Yes, really.

Ive been packing my bag for a week now.
So, see you all in a month (unless I find a chinese internet cafe, oh gosh smiley - smiley)

And yes I will talk all about it when I get back. Hell, I will probably make an entry out of it.

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