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Journal the 18th

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bunnyfrog will never die

I remember a time of thriving, of ways and things, of wonder and intrigue and hot sauce.
I remember the denials and the blame and the refutations.
I remember the game of false life I once played.
I remember those who played back.

Nice to see a few of them who still give lie to the life that still beats in the undercurrent and noise of the new existance.

Journal the 18th

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

some of us will never die, for we cannot die. our force emitts sky-wards, from our eternal souls, into the universe of recognition, ever onwards, travelling forwards, a mind forever at one, yet distant to the flexing waves of the universe and time itself. immutable and intangible, yet somhow real in its own existance for existance sake. unchanging and yet constantly in flux, through eternity and yet somehow not even substantive enough to be a part of time itself. smiley - zensmiley - zensmiley - zensmiley - zensmiley - zensmiley - zensmiley - zen

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