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Christmas Cheer = Lots of beer?

Hello people, Umm just a quick note saying that the immortal Black Leopard has made a mini return, I'll be trying to get on more in the upcoming weeks, now that my mocks are over :D :D :D

SO yeah, how are you guys and gals?

smiley - biggrin

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A plea to all those that can recognise a tune from a 30 second trailer!!!

smiley - biggrin Ok Hi all! Your all DUDES!

anyway the sitution is this: ive heard a tune on this trailer for sharpe and also for a another film ..can't remember what film it was.

anyway the point it i REALLY want 2 know what the tune is. SO this is a TASK for all you hoopy froods with LOTS of time on your hands (Office Workers?? Only joking smiley - biggrin)

I need you to go to this link: and dowload the trailer called "Flirting with danger (Siege)"

then if you recognise the tune please write back ASAP!!! smiley - biggrinsmiley - cool

peace out

black leopard smiley - blackcatsmiley - evilgrin

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The most european city in Spain!

Well it has been an interesting first day, including ears popping on the flight, getting on the wrong bus, not finding the hotel, and then not getting to sleep. But we are NOT deterred!!

There is much more to do!

If anyone has been to this wonderful city and has some free (or relativly cheap) fun ideas of places to go please post here!!

Black Leopard smiley - blackcatsmiley - evilgrin

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hey its my birthday!! smiley - cheerssmiley - disco

haven't got long to talk going out soon but anyways!smiley - biggrin

smiley - tea, smiley - cake and smiley - stiffdrink 's for all smiley - cool

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love = pain etc

i think the guide entry on love in the hitchhikers movie is very true

some people say there is someone for everyone... i no longer believe that

thats all folks

bl smiley - blue

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