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How do I like it?

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Mines a 3 pint beaker of mead.smiley - biggrin
Should I be drinking with someone who weilds a red lightsabre?
Oh what the hell I'm probably halfway to the dark side anyway.smiley - laugh

I'm Brochfael the stinky badger druid by the way. So I daresay I've probably drunkenly badgered you for something badgery sometime.
smiley - ok

How do I like it?

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*lights incense stick to mask stinky badgery smell*

Welcome Brochfael smiley - biggrin

The badgers in my name are aged between 7 and 10 years and are the Brownies I look after and the lightsabre comes in very useful to keep them in line smiley - winkeye. But you may have drunkenly badgered me at my local, The Badger smiley - cheers and as if thats not enough, I live on Brockwell Lane.....

Kimmie... all badgered out...smiley - kiss

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How do I like it?

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