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Well, I'm here. I'm enjoying Freshers' Week in my own special way - mediumly late nights, only a drink or two a night and making a fool of myself in various situations - and am registered and sorted out. Matriculation is tomorrow morning - correction, it's past midnight; this morning. I signed away my soul earlier to too many places in the Freshers' Fair - well, my e-mail address anyway. Have to see how the timing goes and whether I can actually do many of them.

Anyway, time to be off...

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New Article

Yep, I'm now working on another article, and still about games - this time the Advance Wars trilogy for GambeBoy Advance and Nintendo DS. With a few weeks at home before Uni, and not too much else to do, hopefully I can get it into Peer Review before too long.

Shame it's about another series of games, but these are the things I happen to know enough about to write about, and aren't already covered. Still. Also unfortunately, it's looking like it may well be as long as the FF entry, so may take just as long to get through to being Edited...

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He returneth!

Yeah, I finally get around to posting again. Wahey.

Main news is about Unis, as usual. My current stances are:

Cambridge. Received letter this morning: I've been pooled. I'm still not too bothered about whether I get an offer or not, so it's just typical I get the answer saying they haven't decided. Even more annoying, I may have to go back to Cambridge for further interviews.

Durham. Got offer of AAA (Maths, Physics, either Chemistry or Further Maths) several weeks ago...much to my amusement, a couple of days before I received a standard letter saying "due to our way of making decisions, you will probably hear from us much later than other Unis. Do not worry". At the time, the offer required a third A in either Chemistry or Eng Lit - which I'm no longer doing - with no mention of Further Maths. I e-mailed them about it and they changed it to the one I described. SHould be visiting the Uni in MArch and make a decision about whether it's my first choice or not then.

Birmingham. Got offer of AAB, almost as soon as I'd applied. Can't say I'm too in favour of the UNi as it's too local.

Warwick. Got an offer of AAA or AAB, depending on whether Further Maths is one of the three. It's a nice Uni, much nicer than I thought from having just driven through it once, but there are various reasons arguing against my going there. May well be a second choice, I think.

Nottingham. Had an interview there which was quite easy and have an offer, although they haven't officially sent me the conditions yet. At the talk though, they said AAA. The campus is a strange juxtaposition of being wonderful in that it's almost a park, and being amazingly ugly where the actual buildings are. Not bad, and somewhere to consider a bit more...just the grades are a bit high for a second choice. However, I expect they don't actually require those grades and they'd let me in on lower if I were to mess up my exams.

York. E-mailed me a week or two ago and said my application has been put on hold until next term, when they'll know more about numbers of applicants and stuff. Dunno if this means they're not sure if they'll give me an offer, or simply if they're not sure they'll have enough people to run the course I chose. They're certainly not a top choice at the moment, but I may change my mind if I do get an offer and pay them a visit.

Still, that's all I've got time for now. Out.

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Rest from Unis. Finally.

Well, UCAS finally went off on Thursday evening, and I handed in my Cambridge Application Form to school yesterday. So hopefully I can forget all about it for a short while.

I've applied to:

Cambridge, Selwyn College, Maths with Physics.
Durham, Van Mildert College, Natural Sciences (Maths and Physics)

Those are my top two, probably...currently in the other order, unlike most people.

Also, with applicable variations on the Maths and Physics courses, I have:

Birmingham, Nottingham, Warwick and York.

With the exception of Birmingham (which I'm unlikely to choose, being too close to home), I haven't visted any of the second lot...I'm working on the basis that their prospectus/course sounds nice, they've got a good reputation, and hopefully I'll be invivted for interview/post-application Open Days when I can see them first hand.

So, hopefully I can now leave it all for a while. Except for the mock interviews next week, interviews I get invited to with the actual Unis, any post-application Open Days being held, the searching I'm supposed to be doing for alternative places to apply to in Clearing if something goes wrong, organising anything necessary for sitting STEP papers, and all that rhubarb...

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I'm still here

Yes, well. Summer hols are here once again; I've not really got much to do. Except for little things like try to find which Unis I should apply to. At the moment, Cambridge and Durham are almost certainly my top two (and personally, I prefered my experiences of Durham to Cambridge so far), and B'ham may well be on the list. Possibly Warwick, though I want to look around first.

I've decided on the essense of the course I want, although what exactly it entails depends on the Uni: I'm going to do Maths and/with Physics. In the case of Cambridge, that would be "Maths with Physics", possibly splicing into Natural Sciences in the second year (I will not do NatSci there first year, as it would mean I had to do a module on Biology, or Geology). At Durham, I would be after the Natural Sciences course, though I need to check the exact design of it and see how it all works.

I'm rarely doing anything on here any more, although I pop on semi-regularly to check my space for posts. I'm not really using forums all that much any more; I've grown bored with them, possibly due to immersing myself more fully in real life social situations, and getting fed up of feuds and wars online.

I have had some great times over the last year, and Lower 6th has possibly been my best year in school...although, to be honest, I can hardly remember school before Lower 6th. There have been problems, and some look to be developing next year. Still, I have faith everything'll turn out for the best.

Well, actually I don't, but I'll just have to live with it. Or organise a coup.

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