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I don't know Jack Schitt...

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Hey there smiley - smiley Sorry for the long delay in replying, we seemed to have two conversations tangled up in one thread back there in the classic television forum, and I was getting confused, which admittedly doesn't take much smiley - huh

So I thought i'd start another thread smiley - biggrin Thanks for the Dickens recommendations, I'll go and have a lurk round the library next time i'm passing and see if I can find Hard Times smiley - ok As to Monica Dickens, i'd forgotten what she wrote, so did a web search and it turns out she's Charles' great grand-daughter and was/is a prolific author, her most famous works being a series for kids about the dastardly goings on at Follyfoot Farm for retired horses....

Wasn't Simon Callow good in Doctor Who? though I was disappointed that it was he, and not the Doctor who dealt with the nasty gas things at the end of the episode. What did you think of this week's? I reckon the dead pig was a homage to 'Piiiigs iiiin Spaaaace!' from the Muppet Show smiley - laugh

Jasper Fforde? smiley - ok He's the sole reason I keep looking at copies of Jane Eyre in bookshops as well! I love his books, his character names are so imaginative smiley - smiley Some of them are worth doing Google searches for, Braxton Hicks for example... I found some instructions on his website on how to paint a Metro in that Escher pattern that Friday's Porsche has, and now I keep looking out of the window at my Metro, quite tempting smiley - biggrin

smiley - rainbow Lx

I don't know Jack Schitt...

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LQ - Just plain old LQ

No worries bout the time'd be hypocritical of me to complain, and I don't even have an excuse...

Hold on, that's my job then...

How dare you keep me waiting for a response?!


Anyway. As I say, do be careful with "Hard Times" as many colleagues of mine hated it; but then again, if you hate it, you'll probably hate Dickens in general (or at least, I've not picked up any signs that it's atypical of him). Can't say what you tell me of Moncia Dickens inspires me too much.

I did like Simon Callow as Dickens. I wasn't too bothered that he solved it; I was more worried about the fact it needed a second episode (at least) in order to build a decent story/threat. As for last Saturday's: I thought it was quite good, but a desperate shame about the aliens farting was absoultely cringe-worthy. Especially as I think it was supposed to be funny. And at least they are doing some doubles, meaning a fuller story.

Are you a member of the Fforde Fforum? I'm on there as LeonardQuirm; I don't post massively any more (and when I do, I usually can't be bothered to log in, so post as a guest under LQ), but it can still be quite interesting. There's also a convention in September, in good old Swindon itself.

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