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the cast irony of it all

bicycling to work this morning, all those cars in my way got me to thinking. there i was braving subzero temperatures, exhaust fumes and the risk of being horribly mangled, all for a shining principle, the devout belief that what's really wrong with this planet is cars.

why was i doing this? why wasn't i snug abed? dear readers, i'll tell you why... i was off to make cars.

not with my bare hands mind you. i'm what is called, according to the corporate culture, a production planner, logistics technician, Handlungsbevollmächtiger, technicien de gestion de production... in short, a wizard.

you see, despite the mountains of procedures, standards, protocols and whatnot in the ISOjugend world of the automobile industry, it's bedlam. once you're inside you wonder by what miracle any cars are produced at all!

that's where i come in. a well-mixed potion here, a flick of the wand there, and the cars come out by thousands.

i could make "mistakes"... in one day i could prevent thousands of those shiny monsters from seeing the light of day! the temptation is great...

but they'd fire me... and my kids have to eat... and if i didn't do it someone else would... and if there were fewer of one make, the consumer would just buy something else. so i just bike to work, and hope that's enough for a conscience that gets less and less demanding with the passing years.

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i was tempted to post in the "how many jobs have you had" thread, but it's better to do that in my own space. after all, if you're looking here you MIGHT care to know that i've been:

liquor store clerk; insulation installer, carpenter, playground supervisor, delivery driver, harvester of apples, grapefruit, pears, currants, grapes, lemons, cucumbers, plums, avocadoes, lettuce, broccoli, walnuts, tomatoes and strawberries, basketball referee, forklift driver, poultry farmhand, dock worker, fisherman for salmon, herring and tuna, translator, teacher of english, history and mathematics, waiter, bartender, cook, football coach, fishmonger, factory worker making paint, plastic pipe and cardboard boxes, fence builder, entomological inspector, translator, supermarket produce manager, quality technician, project manager, logistics technician...

not in strict chronological order, except for the first and last. before all this i was just a kid, and after i hope to remain one (so far so good!)

best job: this one
worst job: poultry (you think you don't hate chickens? just try it!)
best paid this one (see the correlation?)
worst paid: i once worked 2 weeks building fence and got STIFFED!
most interesting: entomology
least interesting: all interesting though some i just didn't do long enough to get bored.
hardest: herring fishing. first chip ice off the boat for an hour, then get to WORK! dock work 2nd, especially after biking 35km to work!
(ah, when i was a lad...)
easiest: playground (after all, i'm a kid, remember?)

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