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Latest reply: Sep 17, 2008

Bug fixes!

Hooray! The new version of the game is now live on the Radio 4 Hitchhiker's site.

It fixes the following four bugs found post-release:

1. SAVE/RESTORE bug - registered h2g2 no longer need to do an inital RESTORE.

2. End Game/quit bug - the hatch is now shown open when it's open, and the final scene is no longer missing for some players!

3. Odd characters in savegames - players who've saved games with '<' '>' or '&' in them will now be able to see all their saved games smiley - smiley

4. Checksum bug - although this is an internal feature that has no effect on gameplay, it raised eyebrows amongst the clever folks at the newsgroup, so it was fixed for completeness.

Thanks again to Santragenius V (1), Brad Beyenhof & Giles Boutel (2), Dot (3), and Bernhard Weber (4) for reporting these!

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Latest reply: Oct 18, 2004

"It went away all by itself"

Kudos to Santragenius V (U62867) for finding the first bug in the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Hitchhiker's Adventure Game (

"If you were to register with h2g2, your games would be saved in your personal folder, and we could list them here".

Well, not unless you've said RESTORE first.

That's right folks, I forgot to create the personal folder at SAVE time. What an idiot.

Doubly so, in fact, because Jim spotted it during testing, but it went away smiley - sadface

Bugs never, ever, "just go away", and I should know that by now.

Fix coming soon ...

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Latest reply: Sep 21, 2004

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band.

It's funny how certain albums momentarily become incredibly significant to a time or place.

Or in this case, a project smiley - smiley

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Latest reply: Sep 21, 2004

"Long time ... in a tank. In a trance."

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Latest reply: Sep 27, 2002

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