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The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

On my way to work this morning, I saw an electronic billboard announcing that May 25th was National Missing Children's day.

And I thought, "Oh, that's nice for them innit? They could really use a holiday."

smiley - evilgrin

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Post 122

The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

I bought a travel trailer (caravan).

I think I got ripped off.

I recently decided it might be nice to have a toilet, shower, a/c, fridge, &c when I go camping. So, I looked around online and found a nicely equipped 14 foot camper. It had everything I wanted and only weighed 750 dry. When I looked at it Saturday, I asked if there were any issues, specifically with the A/C and fridge, any leaks, &c. I was assured there were no leaks and everything worked.

So, I bought it, taking their word.

I think they lied. The A/C isn't working. There are leaks, one causing water damage to the wood interior and also a BULLET HOLE in the front window. The fridge doesn't seem to be working either. Nor does the "surround sound audio" system that I wasn't even expecting. My father noticed a problem on the shower floor. It could be sign of yet another leak and more water damage.

Since this was a cash sale, I don't expect there's much I can do about it now. Caveat Emptor and all that.

So, I'll probably have to take it to a local RV dealer and see what it will cost to get it usable.

If I can keep the repair and replacement costs under a couple of grand I think it will still be a decent purchase.

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Post 123

There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

How did you miss the bullet hole? smiley - yikes

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Post 124

The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

That was easy. The front window is covered by a plastic cover and has an accordioned curtain on the inside. The bullet hole is rather small, maybe a .22 cal. The glass is also cracked from top to bottom at the hole.

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Post 125

There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

Ah, nuff said.

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The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

I was reminded of this by a question elsewhere on the interwebs.

I heard a story from a someone of an earlier generation. He and his twin (non identical) brother had pulled a small scam in their home town when they were young boys. Their local dentist would give away "prescriptions" to the local ice cream shop (future business investment?). One of the brothers stole an "Rx" pad from the dentist so they could get free ice cream. They didn't want to get caught so they used a fake name, Archie Tuttle (or something like that). They thought little of it as the years went by and nearly forgot about it altogether.

Until their 18th birthday when they received notification to register for the draft...

And so did Archie Tuttle.

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Post 127

The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

So, this last weekend, the Barr Summary (of the actual Mueller report) was released. What it says outright is that Trump and his campaign did not "collude" with the Russian Government. It makes no conclusion regarding obstruction of justice.

This report, as it stands right now, has delivered a major victory for the Trump admin. Trump insists that he's been 100% exonerated and vindicated. Faux News, of course, is going even further and is both celebrating and bringing out the pitchforks and torches for everyone who questioned the President.

Even some of the late night talkshow comedians seemed to acquiesce and take the Barr Summary at face value and concede defeat seemingly.

But the Barr Summary is NOT the Mueller report. I'm not convinced it actually says what everyone thinks it says.

The Barr Summary focuses squarely on only the subjects of Collusion and Obstruction and takes an extremely narrow view of both. Regarding collusion, it only concludes that no one in the Trump campaign directly colluded with *The Russian Government*. Well, that's not really surprising. (Although no one knows exactly what has been spoken between Trump and Putin at their many clandestine and off the books meetings.) It does not say that they didn't collude or coordinate with intermediaries. It does not address Kisliyak, Kolimnik, and many others who have ties with Putin, but aren't directly employed by the Russian government. We also don't know if this is just an example of "plausible deniability" on behalf of Trump and his inner circle. Trump, besides being a compulsive liar, also constantly uses weasel wording to keep from directly implicating himself. He never directly asked Comey to drop the Flynn investigation, he just said it would be very nice if he did smiley - winkeyesmiley - winkeye.

I have no doubt at all that the infamous Trump Tower meeting was a direct attempt at negotiating a quid pro quo between Russians and the future Trump administration. Even Trump's dismissal statement that the meeting was all about orphans doesn't even negate this. THAT WAS PART OF THE QUID FOR THEIR QUO! The Russians were hinting that they'd deliver dirt and emails on Hillary in exchange for the US Government dropping sanctions on Russia and many of the oligarchs. The adoption issue was a retaliation policy from Putin against those same sanctions, so they were offering to lift that adoption ban as well. I believe Trump, his son in law, and his son were just too ignorant to realize what exactly was being offered. Both sides were speaking "around" the subject of the sanctions, but one party was too stupid to get it. So they purportedly walked out before the actual deal was done. Does that clear them of collusion. Was it "Attempted Collusion"?

On obstruction, the actual Mueller report, from what Barr quotes in his summary, lays out evidence that both clears and implicates Trump and his minions without concluding whether or not to indict. This is a big fuzzy area. We know Barr was appointed EXPLICITLY because he held a very strong opinion that a sitting president was all but exempt from all accusations of obstruction. Mueller is specifically (and infuriatingly IMHO) not making a conclusion. Remember, there's a huge question within the Justice Department dating back to the Nixon era about whether it can indict a sitting president. Mueller goes by the book so he likely was delivering "just the facts, Ma'am." Barr seems to have taken it upon himself to decide that the evidence didn't meet the level for indictment, something he famously has a specific opinion about. It was not up to the Attorney General to make that decision. That's up for a Grand Jury or Congress. Mueller may have been making a case for future grand juries once Trump is out of office. There may already be sealed indictments of Trump and his associates. We don't know.

What's definitely not mentioned in the Barr Summary is any other crimes Trump and his associates may have committed not directly related to Russian Collusion or Obstruction of Justice. What evidence did Mueller turn up regarding Trump's Moscow Tower project? What about the MILLIONS of dollars that seemingly disappeared from the Trump Inauguration donations? Did Putin have leverage over Trump or any of his associates as suggested in the Steele "Dossier" (Field Notes is a more apt description, but "Dossier" is the term everyone has glommed onto)? Is Trump guilty of Bank Fraud, Tax Fraud, or any other fraud as seems highly likely from what is known publicly?

But right now, it seems like sour grapes to even consider such things. The narrative Barr has given the media and Republicans is that the whole investigation came to naught and Trump's accusers were wrong all along. "The Main Stream Media are LIARS!" is the rallying cry this week.

But we simply don't know what exactly is in the Mueller Report.

But it's hard to fight "The Narrative". Truth doesn't smiley - bleep matter anymore.

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