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Surreal - but fun!

Had a very surreal evening last night - my brother-in-law's 70th birthday party. Chap on keyboards playing Sinatra type stuff (same chap who played at Mum's wake!) with occasional accompaniment from a chap who whistled and played the spoons...

Various vocal turns from BIL and his friends (who have all known me from birth) - "Moonlight & Roses" etc etc.

And do you know what - we had a GREAT time!

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Happy Birthday

Well Ma,Happy Birthday, all my love, I miss you so much. I hope you've got plenty of smiley - choc. Lel x

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Well, Ma, you've finally gone and I hope that wherever you are there's no dementia and you've got that sense of humour back and that twinkle in your eye. I love you and I always will smiley - rose

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....blimey!smiley - bubbly

3 years til 50....

At the risk of being irritating..."Am I bovvered?" smiley - biggrin

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Came back today from a blissful 2 days camping on Exmoor - no mobiles, no electricity, 1 (small) mirror in the ladies if you REALLY want to see what you look like smiley - diva - wonderful! Had a couple of cracking walks - one fairly tough on the thigh and buttock muscles (I expected to wake up on Saturday morning with my buttocks on my shoulders!) and one lovely stroll along Oare Water.

Must read Lorna Doone sometime as it's big business down there!

Can't wait until the next trip, smiley - bat watching over the stream as night falls snd the camp fire burns....sigh!

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