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update on restructuring

Yes, after the grammatical nightmare that was the 'how to write your CV' presentation, we've been messed around, given the mushroom treatment (still going on) and generally been treated like the worthless smiley - bleep that we are.

Anyway, the upshot is that I, your beloved navigator, will be back on't spanners. I wont be seeing you all nearly as much, and my laptop at home seems to keep arguing with hootoo so I cant guarantee I'll be in on there too much though I will make the effort. I'm not going to have the ongoing access to you all I've had for the last few years and the backlogs may drown me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... So long and thanks for all the fish. I will be bobbing around but with all the adjusting, I have no idea if I'll be seeing you more or less or lots less. I hope it's about the same but you never know.

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Things that make you go 'Hrmmm...'

So... We're being 'restructured'.

As part of the support for us through the process is a powerpoint presentation on how to create and present your CV.

So, you should observe tho following:

"Keep it brief and simple (no more then 3 pages)" (honestly. Word for word!)

(I'd just like to ask here... Even bullet pointed sentences should have a full stop at the end, shouldn't they? There's only one or two throughout the intire document.)


"# Free of spelling mistakes
# Consistent format & grammar"

Hm. How do you think my new applicaion would go if I started off by sending them an original and a corrected version of their own literature? smiley - grr

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Does he think we're all stupid?

Oh wait, we probably are.

I hope to Bob the wheels fall off this handcart before we get all the way to hell.

~Robyn Hoode. Possibly being made redundant anyway by witless idiots who dont know what they are doing. As bleedin per!~

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business talk V. 3.7

Hee hee, I just received this little beauty.

Just so you know, a TSB is a technical service bulletin.

"This TSB is regarding the need for a more clear and consistent approach to communicating the message contained in future TSBs.
At present TSBs are not being consistently actioned or understood by the recipient resulting in vehicles not having the necessary repair actions made to the required standard or timetable.
To eliminate misunderstanding and confusion a new standard layout for
future TSBs has now been designed incorporating a clear 3 key point
process to follow:
Issue - Root cause - Fix

All future TSBs will follow this new format ensuring the content clearly spells out what the issue is, why it exists and the relevant steps how to fix it."

Well. I got there in the end. Clear as mud aint it. It concerns me that in explaining how they've simplified it they've made it almost unreadable and certainly hard to understand!

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smiley - smiley

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