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Hello there roying!

I noticed that you posted a message in the 'Hitchhiking your way into the Edited Guide' thread asking for suggestions and advice. Your topic isn't one that I'm exactly familiar with, so I shall just limit myself to the technical bit.

To be pick-worthy, an article should be properly formatted in accordance to the Writing Guidelines. For one thing, it makes the article look neater, and it also makes it a great deal easier for a reader to read the article without getting confused. (and no, you can't wait until the article gets picked and a subeditor does the formatting for you, I'm afraid smiley - smiley)

The first thing you should do is to switch your page format to 'GuideML' instead of plain text because the latter does not allow text formatting. (dont' worry, it doesn't hurt smiley - smiley) You will now see all your text sandwiched between two tagss: and

On with the formatting:

1. Headers and Subheaders

I noticed that you've specified headers for each section of your article; however, these appear as normal text. To change them to headers or subheaders, highlight the text and click on the 'header'/'subheader' button at the top of the text box (if you don't know what the buttons are, mouse over them, and a dropdown box will tell you its function). If you don't want to use the buttons, the tags are:

Insert text here
Insert text here

(make sure they're in upper caps, and make sure you have both the opening and closing tags)

2. Paragraphs

Now that your article has been changed to GuideML format, you're going to need to manually separate the paragraphs, otherwise they just show up as a hunk of text. You do this the same way you do the headers - highlight each paragraph and click the 'paragraph' button.


When quotes are included in an article, they are placed in an invisible box. Highlight each of your quotes and click the 'blockquote' button - you will see that your quoted text is now indented.

4. Various

According to Writing Guidelines:

1. single quotation marks (' ') should be used instead of doubles (" ". oh, and there shouldn't be any spaces between the quotation marks and the actual text.
2. brackets should be solely of the ( ) variety. ditto - no spaces

I'll teach you how to do links if you want; the reason I didn't include them here is because I didn't see any urls in your article. If you need help, let me know!


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