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H2G2 Mobile :) Where? :\

I came across the anouncement on the digital village site in 2001 (*1) of h2g2 mobile, h2g2 WAP. I onder what has happened to it all. We have (*2), but no content. Will there ever (has there) be a h2g2 wap site?

Also i wonder has there ever been a text only version of h2g2, you can browse from a non gui web browser?

I'll have to ask someone!! smiley - smiley


One idea i had a while ago was why not use a text interface for h2g2, there are alot of different types of ways this can be done. Does anyone know of the "monochrome" (*3) BBS system? It has a lovely text interface, easy to learn, and easy to navigate a massive site like this. In fact you could navigate a site like h2g2 drastically quicker with an interface like that. To see log in as a guest and have a look around! Very friendly people and place!!


( a wonderful online community just like h2g2, still going strong with a dedicated core userbase )

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A thought: Eureka!
Two threads BAD; one long, one short.
Hail, oh Jabberwock!

smiley - rainbow

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poetry favourites

After resisting the urge to clutter up another poetry thread with some of my persinal favourites; i thought i would start one of my own.

Any gems anyone wants to share are most welcome.smiley - smiley
As i bravely go, where i have never gone before; i will start with a brave old favourite.smiley - smiley

The Viking Terror

Bitter is the wind tonight,
It tosses the ocean's white hair:
Tonight i fear not the fierce warriors of Norway
Coursing on the Irish sea.

Anonymous (9th century Irish)

translated by kuno Meyer

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Dimension Of Miracles?

Having been on this been knocking about; on this, somewhat chilly at the moment, plantoid of ours for more years than you would care to try and puff out candles on a birthday cake-wihtout feeling rather feint.
I have some experience, of life; the this planetoid, and a few things: so!

I am here to help you in your quest for that perfect Christmas present not just for your bookish pals, but to everyone who has the faculty of language ; feeling ; and even the most demanding sense of humour-you will not be dissapointed!

I am here to spread the word; "DIMENSION OF MIRACLES" By that author who can tell a joke in almost any language in the known Galactic Stew ( every civilized one for sure ) : Robert Sheckley.

Dont take my word for it, read the reviews before you buy, lend from the public library, or talk someone into giving up their precious copy for a week or two.

If upon reading it, you think it is not one of the best books you have ever read-i will buy the coffees, or something of equal value for the rest of the year!

Heres to a perfect little book-may you enjoy and spread the word!Cheers!

I dare you to read the first page, and then try putting it down and forgetting about it!

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Well about time i put something here but my head is a blank so i will let whoever lands make there mark; please sign my little guestbook and scribble away to your hearts content.

First signature in my collection me:-Researcher: 6629129]smiley - surfersmiley - biro

A little hung over but not an alcoholicsmiley - cheers

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