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The late Great Spike Milligan

Finally he has "I told you I was ill" on his gravestone in Gaelic. THe court said he could have it, or that his last dying wish must be fulfilled.

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Latest reply: May 25, 2004

Random Midnight Writings

Time is slipping away
I'm going to die as I lived
I will never learn
I will never chase
I've got to leave
I've got to get out of here
Even if it is the last thing I ever do

Why are people so blind?
Why don't people want to see?
Why do people turn away?
Should people not fight for their beliefs?
Is it not the right thing to do?
What is with the conservatives?
Should we not question everything?
Is cynicism dead?

Boring place
Dull Life
Dead Ideas
Horrible Writing
No Inspiration
Sobriety Sucks
Pointless Personality
No Hope for Humanity

Poetry of the idiotically insane
Never rhymes
Always makes sense
and has the quality of a dead rat
I think not.

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The First Journal Entry

Sitting around as bored as ever. The weather showing its imperfections as usual, but without those imperfections we would never know when the weather was perfect. The skies dismal, the rain drizzling. The TV screaming out the usual idiotic conversation pieces with some mind-numbing commercialisations in the way. Nothing but depression around the world, with the violations of the Geneva convention blatantly abused, since no one will speak up.
But this is not the point of this first journal entry. The point of this first journal entry is that I'm sitting in front of a computer screen contemplating on what to write about with an article three weeks overdue, but almost finished. This first journal entry is more of a procrastination of time for me.
Okay I'm bored of writing this journal entry, I will now leave, and find something else to write about.

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