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Trousers and pantssmiley - evilgrinStaring at the blank screen of the computer. smiley - ermWell technically speaking there are plenty of colours everywhere, bright blinding colours and annoying luminescent white. But that's beside the point, this is an introduction into a personality of a less than average mind. Since no one here, to the extent of my limited knowledge, knows me, I guess I have to let you know or give you guys somewhat of an idea of who I am.
Well I was born in Singapore, I am unfortunately a British citizen. I am only saying that since I am disappointed in my governments actions around the world, I am also living in America (which gives me way too much trouble). So I at the moment I am saddened by the current events, and disillusion by the lack of listening both governments are doing. But this intro is not to discuss politics, I do that enough outside the spectrum of the internet.
I delve into religion, politics and history but not in the conservative sense. I read into books that state that everything is a lie, or everything is true, hoping that maybe one day if I read enough of them I will come across the truth. Religion, politics and history intrigue me in many ways. My curiousity is based in the methods that people use these three to control other people. Well before I bore you guys to sleep, I will leave. I have probably left you people none-the-wiser. Well hopefully. I just want to go surfing (the ocean, that is). smiley - winkeyesmiley - biggrinsmiley - tongueout I guess I better add a little bit more into my introduction. Let you into my Salvador Dali styled world. A sleepy chameleon on a clockThe United Kingdom I am very proud of my British citizenship, all though I am sometimes embarrassed of my governments misbehaviour, but my routes are still as English as English can get. Wilkins being my Granma's maiden name.
I am philosophical, but don't have the language to back it up with. I am booksmart but lack the eloquance to prove it. I enjoy hippomonstrosequedpedlianism verbiage and some rodomontade but don't have the ability in spelling to use all the words I like to. And one day I will edit this intro for all too see. British pigeons But I'm now going off to think. A robot posing as Rodin's 'Thinker'Liberté Egalité Fraternité InsanityLiberté Egalité Fraternité Insanity


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