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dihydrogen monoxide campaigne

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haha id love to join your dihydrogen monoxide campaigne! its a major prolem and causes too many deaths. nice to meet other people who ar concerned about the problem and large amounts of it on earth.

we just got a new principal (who is not a very scienific guy) at our school and the science teachers sent him a huge report about the serious problem and huge quantities of dihydrogen monoxide in our school. he got very worried! smiley - winkeye it was a lot of fun.

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dihydrogen monoxide campaigne

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Excellent; the more we confuse the gullible with made-up stuff the less time they have to worry about all the other stuff they usually worry about.

It appears that the stuff has another potential danger - it harbours lethal organisms like the Portuguese man-o-war jellyfish that has recently 'invaded' my country smiley - yikes

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dihydrogen monoxide campaigne

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