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NaNoWriMo interview

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Hoekydokey then, here's the interview questions.

1. How did you first hear about NaNoWriMo?
2. Is this your first time attempting it? Tell me about previous attempts, or why did you go for it this time?
3. What was the hardest part? And what did you find easy?
4. How would you describe your novel?
5. Are you planning to edit it in the future?
6. Would you do NaNo again, and would you recommend it to a friend?
7. What did you learn from the experience?

You can answer here if you like, or for more privacy, email me at Linda dot Harley at gmail dot com.

Many thanks! smiley - ok

NaNoWriMo interview

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Sorry about the time taken to reply to this.

1) It would have been when I came to university a few years ago and started to get into online journalling and reading the journals of my new university friends.

2) This is my first time, and I think I went for it because I didn't think I had anything to lose and a great deal to gain. If I failed, I'd be no worse off than I was already. And if I succeeded, I'd have done satisfying creative work for a month and, for the icing on the cake, written a book.

3) The daily wordcount was surprisingly easy to write in a day but I didn't actually write every day. I wrote three thousands words several times, and didn't find it much of a strain. One of my major problems was that I didn't have any plot mapped out before I started. I sat down at one in the mornign on the second of November and started typing without so much as a setting in mind, which is why my first three paragraphs contradict each other. It made the second half of the novel especially difficult, because I had all these story threads that I somehow needed to weave into a plot and no idea what I was doing. The last ten thousand became easy, because I'd finally figured out where it was all going.

4) Unfinished. On rereading I've found a major fight scene just missing, because I didn't know how to write it when I got there, so I skipped on to the next scene that I did know how to write. So that needs putting in. And while the plot has reached an end, it's full of holes and the end doesn't really make sense emotionally, so there needs to be a bunch of scenes added to fix that.

5) Definitely. I'm not sure this is a publishable work, but even if it doesn't turn out to have that potential, I have a whole book here. If it isn't good enough to publish, then editing it will make me learn the skills necessary to edit something that is.

6) I'll do NaNo again, because it's an easy way to write a book. A month is short enough to keep going for, especially with all the support you get from everyone else who's doing it and the NaNo organisation itself. And I'd recommend it to writerly friends for the same reason, although I'm not sure I'd recommend it to someone who didn't already have an interest in creative writing.

7) That I'm not as lazy as I frequently think I am. I can work just fine, it's sleep patterns that make my life difficult. I am capable of writing 50,058 words in one month. And I am capable of writing an entire book, one that mostly makes sense and has reasonably convincing characters, even if I don't have a plan when I start.
I know that I am someone who can write books, because I've just done it. And that knowledge is worth more to me than anything else I could have done for those two hours a day. An author is a person of worth, and I am a author now. Unpublished as yet, but an author none the less.

NaNoWriMo interview

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Magwitch - My name is Mags and I am funky.

Sorry for smiley - lurking.

I've just smiled all over my face reading this...

Will have to think of sumat for next year...

NaNoWriMo interview

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Many thanks! I'll let you know when and if it appears in The Post.

smiley - ok

NaNoWriMo interview

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In today's Post! Many thanks again, and do let us know about your future literary adventures smiley - ok

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