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Missing Highlander

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Hi Wildcat

Nice space!

I love Farscape and Highlander and some of the other shows you mentioned too.

I'm sad though, cause Region 4 (Australia New Zealand) can't get the Highlander series on DVD. I've got the first season on VHS, but it's not the best. I haven't seen the other seasons since they was on TV here. Poor me! I miss Mac and Richie!

Even though Farscape was made in Australia with heaps of Aussie actors (LOVE Claudia Black!!!) it was never shown properly there. It would be on TV in a completely screwed up order (like episode 9, then 12, then 5 etc) at different times in the middle of the night three times a week for two or three weeks and then it would be taken off again! I finally gave up and stuck with the DVDs. So I haven't even seen the 4th season yet! The miniseries probably won't be released for another year or two here!! Argh! Frustrating!

I envy you in the US, we have a really pitible choice of DVDs here.

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Missing Highlander

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smiley - hug

Sorry to hear that you don't get to see Highlander. smiley - sadface Currently it's isn't being shown on any of the networks here either. (Or at least not on any that I can get.) I do have the DVD's, so I can watch those any time I want. Are you on any of the Highlander bb's?

e-mail me here:
[email protected]

and I can send you some links. There are several people from OZ on these boards.

There was a convention in Sydney at the beginning of May. It looked like it was a lot of fun. Adrian was there, and Peter, F. Braun, and David A. Once you get on the BB's you can look at the pictures that some of the folks took.

Where in OZ do you live?

Oh, and thanks for the kind words about my site. I don't really know what I'm doing.

Hope to hear back from you soon.

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Missing Highlander

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Hi Wildcat

I'm living in New Zealand at the moment and I didn't even hear about the convention smiley - wah. I lived in Brissie (Brisbane) but I would have made the trip! Thanks for the email address, I'd love some links so I'll email you. Maybe I'll be able to find out if they're ever going to release Highlander on region 4 DVD.


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