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The name's Bond - 'Triple A' Bond

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Ancient Brit

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The name's Bond - 'Triple A' Bond

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Yes, and?

You're trying to say that we're screwed if the markets lose confidence in us i take it? The triple-A rating is a sign of the markets' confidence (or Moody's, who financial markets generally look to assess risk, however misguided that is). If we do have a crisis, then that rating will decline.

You're essentially saying 'But if confidence falls, confidence falls!'
Stunning insight there.

That website's like your favourite new toy, eh? What a shame it's so blinkered it won't actually teach you anything..

The name's Bond - 'Triple A' Bond

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Ancient Brit

Lessons of life Pedro. smiley - smiley
There was a time when we were in control of our own destiny.
Today we are glad to have received a pat on the head from the faceless controllers. smiley - ok
By the way h2g2 is a play ground.

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