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I read on the BBCi that a film is being made about Peter Sellers. I'm a fan of the great man and have read a biog about him. I will probably see the film and will not judge it until then. I only hope that the people writing the film get it right and that they understand him (as much as any one can) so that it is Peter Sellers you see on the screen. smiley - smiley

Now on my hols for a couple of weeks but at home looking after my son. smiley - groan So I have to find things to keep him occupied and places to go that I can get to on public transport. There is always London. smiley - disco

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Me 'ead 'urts

I've got loads of things whirling inside of my head. Thoughts, hopes fears things that I really should not be thinking of as well. smiley - erm.

Still things will be alright in the end. smiley - discosmiley - love will be cured and happiness will reign.

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The Lunch time drink

Went for a lunch time drink today. This was at the nearest, not necessarily the best, hostelry. This is unusual as my work colleagues don't normally do this sort of stuff. The music was a bit loud in the pub and they only had one drink even though I offered to buy one!! Well I'll just have to wait until I go out and see who turns up at the pub this evening.smiley - wah

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