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Madbeachcomber, I've done my spring cleaning, does that make me sad?

Hope you dont mind me popping in, I've broughtsmiley - cakesmiley - smiley.
I saw your post on 'who are you...' and thought I'd come and visit you and say welcome 'cause I haven't been here that long myself.
I see you are reserching your family tree, my cousin did one branch of ours, turned out we were a real sea fairing family. The book he wrote is so thick that I have't got through it all yet tho'.
I like recycling and crafty things, and have a passion for beachcombing and using the bits I find, my garden is full of driftwood, shells and broken buckets, oh and a very large tree stump which was a devil of a job to get home!
Well, nice to meet you Wimblin, feel free to pop in forsmiley - teaany timesmiley - ok

Hello Wimblin!

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Cheers, thanks for the smiley - cakesmiley - smiley

I don't live near enough to the sea to be able to go beachcombing but when I do go I always bring back a few shells and stones> My last visit was to Bournemouth, lots of sand but a bit cold the day I went.

My craft things at the moment are cross stitch and knitting, but I've done patchwork, some free hand embroidery, tapestry and crochet in the past. I'm interested in alot of crafts and would love to do others if only I had the time and the money to buy some of the equipment you need. What sort of things do you like to get up to?

Why did you join H2G2? I joined as these conversation forums are a better than some of the others I've been on. People are banned from being suggestive and rude which some others don't stop. The guides are good fun to read and some of the conversations are just plain silly. But that's the fun of it all.

I have had more luck with my mums side of the family as her father and his antecedents lived in the same village for years so they've been quite easy to track down. My dads family have been a little more difficult, they've moved around. I've tried to find my partners family but that will require more detective work on my part and getting any information from his dad is proving a bit difficult.

Thanks again. smiley - coffee

Hello Wimblin!

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Madbeachcomber, I've done my spring cleaning, does that make me sad?

Hi,nice to hear from you Wimblin,I've brought smiley - cheesecaketodaysmiley - biggrin.
I've been beachcombing today but the tide was nearly up and I only found a fishing net float, I don't know what I'll do with it, It will go in the box with all the other bits I've collected over the winter. Also picked up a load of fishing line, it makes me mad when the fishermen just leave it, it's so dangerous for the birds.
I have loads of drift wood ranging from a 7 foot stake to tiny pieces of wood. The stake will be a totem pole but I just haven't got round to it. I like to paint seaside scenes on flat pieces. I have also collected a big bag full of sea smoothed glass which again 'one day' will be used for a mosaic.
Apart from my seaside cleptomania I dable at dressmaking, used to make Teddys, I've made several tin can mobiles. I'll try my hand at most things but I'm afraid I dont have the patience for crossstitch, I've tryed it in the past but it's to slow for me, I have the attention span of a goldfishsmiley - smiley The same goes for knitting I can only do scarves!
I found h2g2 by accident whilst skipping through the BBCi sites. I think it's so amusing to get stuck in one of those surreal threads like master B and his blutac. It's a bit of escapism. I have also found it comforting to find other people feel the same way as I do about things and have similar feelings and views, and of course you can pop round someones with a cheesecake at any time of the night and not get a bucket of water tipped over you from the bedroom windowsmiley - biggrin.
smiley - cheers

Hello Wimblin!

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Thanks for the smiley - cheesecake.

I'm storing a smiley - stiffdrink for the bad days that we all have from time to time.

Pull up a chair and have a cup of smiley - tea or smiley - coffee, smiley - milk and sugar?

One of the silly conversations I found was "which bus do you take to work". As it happens I do take a bus.

I get involved in all the discussions about kids tv and comedy. It's the kinda thing I really like watching on TV and I get nostalgic about old kids programmes I watched when I was young. Nice to see there are others out there who feel the same.

What medium of paint do you use? Do you have to do anything special to the driftwood before you paint on it? I'm interested in painting as I always loved it as a kid. I've got some really cheap watercolours to muck about with. I haven't tried acrylic or oil, but one of the guides on h2g2 suggests that acrylic is good for the beginner, so maybe I should give it a try.

You must tell me a bit about your daughter. There are some days when I just feel like lying in a darkened room after a weekend of my little boy.

"Speak" soon.

smiley - cheers

Hello Wimblin!

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Madbeachcomber, I've done my spring cleaning, does that make me sad?

Hi Wimblinsmiley - smiley, Howyadooin? You know I could have sworn I replied to your last message, just saw your note on the strange facts thread and thought I'd drop by, then realised I hadn't. Must be my age!smiley - erm
I had a tidy up in the garden at the weekend and collected together all the bags and boxes of wood, stones, shells, glass and various strange unidentified bits of somethings. I have a laundry basket a wastepaper bin and a tray full! I'm gonna have to get making or stop collecting. I have every intention to do something with it all but just don't seem to get the time. I think some more paintings would be nice for the garden, I'll have to get my finger out, so to speaksmiley - biggrin.
I tend to use acrylic paints for the out door bits because it's very tough. (I once painted the back of my leather motorcycle jacket with acrylics, I had to use paint striper to remove it, not recomended for leathersmiley - erm.) The driftwood is just dried, I don't treat it or varnish it because it wouldn't be so natural. I do dabble with watercolours, but I'm not very good at painting. I can copy, but I lack any ability to put perspective into a picture, it always looks wonkey.The paintings I do on the wood are very simple.
I've been decorating my daughter, Alices' jeans and t shirts with transfer paint. She's realy into 'bang on the door' so I've put one of the characters on her jeans leg, much to her delight.
She is now nicknamed 'gummy' 'cause of a severe lack of top teeth. It's given her a realy cute lisp.
At the moment she's at that, 'lets see how far I can push people before I get told of and then what will happen if I push some more' stage. She is a very bright girl, an excelent reader and is into allsorts of subjects, Mummys (the Egiptian kind that is) Van Goh, and God being the latest ones! I forget she's only 6 sometimes. I talk to her like I would an adult about things, always have realy, and she takes in all the information, remembers it and spills it all out again months later, much to my amaizement usualy!
I can relate to the smiley - stiffdrink after a weekend with a small person! I don't touch the hard stuff tho', a cup of tea and a couple of hours on the 'puter and I can call myself sane again. (as sane as I ever am anyway, and some would say thats not verysmiley - tongueout) and if it does get realy bad theres always good ol' prozac, but thats a cusion I'm trying to do without. No one said parenting would be easy, but I just rely on the good bits overtaking the tough times. And the look on Alices' face at the weekend when she saw her first Adder was pricelesssmiley - magic. A mixture of fear, amaizement(I realy must find out how to spell that word!) and joy, because we realy didn't think we would see one, but it just slithered out of the grass, crossed our path, and swam across the pond. Mind you she did have a nightmare that nightsmiley - sadface.
Oh hark at me rambling on! Better go and leave you in peace, you can get your revenge by filling me in on your son and hobbiessmiley - laugh Byee

Hello Wimblin!

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I had a really good weekend. I went shopping (boring I know) but my son was well behaved for a change. There was a chap juggling outside a shop and he made my son a sword out of modelling ballons which he thought was great. I had to keep telling him to be careful with it otherwise it would have burst on the way home. He did some painting. This is kids watercolour set and pictures printed from the net. One of the things he likes are Power Rangers smiley - yuk so he painted some of the characters I'd printed for him. He even ate his tea for me which is a minor miracle.

Sunday we went out with my sis and her partner for lunch at a pub. The pub used to have play equipment in the garden but new managers/landlords seem to have removed it. But being a nice sunny day my little one was quite happy to run around on the grass and climb onto the planters.

We're growing some plants from seed for Callum. We're growing tomatoes, sunflowers, french beans, poppies, pansies and carrots. I don't have a huge garden but there's room for a few plants. He's quite excited about it.

That's about all from this corner of the world. smiley - earth

smiley - hug

Look forward to hearing from you sometime.

Hello Wimblin!

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Madbeachcomber, I've done my spring cleaning, does that make me sad?

Hello, sorry I haven't poped in for a while, the 'puter got a virus or a worm or summat and it kind of snowballed from there and it's taken months to finaly get it fixed.
How you doing? Hows your little boy?
My litlun just got her ears pierced, after several weeks of wearing us down till we agreed she could. Her eyes didn't even water, it was a while ago now but I remember mine hurting like hell. She's a tough little nut.
Did you survive the summer hols? They go quicker every year. Can't believe its October already. Got to persuade litlun to ask father christmas for something sensible instead of more plastic junk. Mind you I'm having enough trouble with halloween, its on a sunday this year, I think, so I can't escape it, so we're going for it. We've got webs and bats and a devils costume and alsorts of bits to decorate the porch. I've dug out my headless ghost costume so we are going to scare the daylights out of all the kids that come roundsmiley - evilgrin Well if you can't beat them you might as well join themsmiley - biggrin

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