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Off to IDWCon again

And I never did get around to getting myself a jester's outfit*. I do have a hat, albeit in black and blue, and with tassels rather than bells. Also far too warm to wear indoors. Not ideal, but it'll do. Ah well, nevermind. I have a couple of days yet; I may be able to pull something together.

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* The Con is themed Lancre, so Verence the Fool seemed an appropriate character.

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Manning and the News

Just to say that the constant misgendering of Chelsea Manning in the news is bugging me. Zinnia Jones has a video at

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To those who have, more shall be given: A comment I made elseweb

I suggest you stop waiting for your Straight Pride Parade, get up off your arse, and start organising one. You may want helpers, of course. You couldn't manage such an undertaking on your own. You'll want to reach out to a group who can help you put on a display reminding people of your privilege, of how good you have it. A group who know how to rub minority groups' noses in the fact that they're second-class citizens.

Might I suggest the KKK?

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just a thought

It is one of my regrets that I did not give blood in the window between leaving the Witnesses and having gay sex.


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What goes where

So, I have six blogs, which is, you might think, a little over the top.

1. The one. My h2g2 journal. The oldest. Mainly, this is about things I'm doing or have done. "I was away last weekend, and *this* happened." That sort of thing. Also occasional thoughts and whimsies.

There are also two journal convos which I keep going, adding new comments occasionally, namely F1749279?thread=3591664 "The ever-changing names of TRiG", where I keep track of my name changes on h2g2, and F1749279?thread=7220122 "I've been reading", where talk about books.

2. Timothy Talks. I created a Blogger blog so I could have pictures and videos in my posts. I never really did anything interesting with it. I'm not posting anything new to that blog now.

3. GreenTambourine. This one was created under a different name ("The boy with the green tambourine", for some reason), and was used to come to terms with being gay back when that was still difficult for me. I now have no further need of that outlet.

4. PoliticalTambourine. Ditto. Why I felt the need for two linked blogs is another question. This one never got much love (or much content).

5. Timothy Richard Green. Yes, I simply named my blog after myself. Clever, no? I created this when (a) I wanted to move away from Blogger, and (b) I felt no further need to separate the gay stuff into their own little section, away from the rest of my life. So I started this blog by sucking in the archives from my three Blogger blogs, and then closing them down for good. Since then, I've posted to it various stuff that felt like it wouldn't fit on h2g2. Perhaps some of it would fit, and I should move it.

6. TRiG's links. This is where I link to interesting articles I've read elsewhere, and talk about them a bit. I try to actually say something, and not be just a set of links. Sometimes I fail. I really should link to h2g2 more often.

So, that's me. How about you?

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