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Random Memory: Shop Street

I was in Galway, walking up a near-deserted Shop Street in a hurry to catch my train. Suddenly, a massive roar came out of all the pubs. "Ah," I thought to myself, "Katie Taylor's won her gold medal, so."

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A bad cold, and the amazing recoperative effect of TUC

I've had a cold since Friday. I spent most of the weekend in bed. On Saturday evening, I told myself that I really ought to eat something, so I dragged myself up and was astonished at how dizzy I was. I groped my way to the sink, clinging to walls, brushed my teeth, and headed for the kitchen, still feeling groggy. I knew I had some food in the house, including some fresh veg, but I also knew I didn't feel up to cooking anything. Also, I had breakfast cereal, but no milk. (Anyway, I recall hearing that milk makes you more congested when you have a cold, though I don't know whether that's true.)

So I sat down and looked bleary eyed around the kitchen. Ah, TUC crackers. Possibly not the healthiest food, but certainly the easiest. Three crackers later, I was awake and alert, and strode across the room to fetch the bread knife and everything else I needed for assembling cheese sandwiches. I don't know whether it was the salt content, or simply the psychological effect of having eaten *something*, anything, but those three crackers made a massive difference.

The cheese sandwiches probably helped too. I had some weird stuff from Cadbury: Phili cheese with chocolate. I'd bought it out of curiosity. I thought it would be mainly Phili cheese with little grains of chocolate in it. Instead, it was a chocolate spread, which looked like Nutella and tasted similar, though a little less rich. There was no discernible cheese flavour at all. Tasty enough, as these things go, I suppose. Also, I had some rather good sheep cheese from a local farm. (That was through work: we manage their website, and they occasionally give us some produce.)

I ended up finishing the crackers. I still have the cold today, though it's much improved over yesterday. Back to work tomorrow.

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The ZTE has arrived

Yup. I finally have a smartphone. It was a confluence of three events. I was excited by the idea Firefox OS. My existing phone decided it was going to stop charging. My boss wanted me to have a smartphone so I could check how well our websites rendered on one.

For that last reason, the phone was purchased with the company credit card, and has arrived here to the office. My existing phone, and the SIM card, is at home, so I've not actually turned on the ZTE yet. When I do, I'll let you know what I think of it.

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Labels: ourselves and others

So, Tom Daley put a video on YouTube. In it, he talks for over five minutes about his life, mentions that he's in a relationship with a guy, mentions that this came as a surprise to him, though he was aware of it as a possibility, mentions that he's dated girls before and is still attracted to girls ("of course").

He didn't use any labels at all.

If I was asked which label best suits this self-description, I might perhaps say bi. Maybe even bi leaning straight, actually, though I wouldn't be sure about that.

It is, of course, no great surprise that Tom has received much praise for his courage in coming out as gay.


Labels: they can be tricky at times. And, it seems, bi-erasure is still a thing.

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In need of a wash

I do have water. What I do not have is an electric shower: I have an immersion heater. That means that if I want hot water for washing (myself or anything else), I need to turn on the immersion and wait about half an hour. In theory. For the past few days, it's been acting up.

Last night, I turned on the immersion and went and lay down while waiting for the water. It was late and I was tired and didn't feel like doing anything else. Well, I fell asleep. When I got up in the morning, I stuck my hand between the gap in the insulated jacket around the water tank to find the temperature inside to be, well, mildly tepid. Something has clearly gone wrong with my immersion.

Since I (a) was late for work, and (b) didn't have the heating on so the house was cold, I decided against a shower. I could do with one. I'll need to talk to my landlord on Monday. Perhaps in the meantime, I'll pop round to my parents' house to wash.

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