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Salut, mon ami!

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Hey, there! How's it going? I've missed hearing from you. My life has been getting so monotonous lately. Nothing but work. It will start slowing down now, though, so I'll actually have time to have a life.

I'm going to visit my sister Bug on Monday. It's been a while since I've seen her. Maybe if I'm lucky, she'll let me drive Zippy! Oh, did I mention that I bought myself a car? It's name is Feetlebaum. Of course, if you're not familiar with Spike Jones, that name will mean nothing to you.

I don't really have time to say more. Hope to hear from you soon.smiley - smiley

LaFilleGidget, elle vit!

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Bonjour LaFilleGidget,
Bavarde, non?
J'ai voulu tu sais je vis.

Really cool to hear from you!
Sorry I haven't written.
It's just that my mouse
is skipping going left.
Do you fix these things?
or give up on the little guys?

LaFilleGidget, elle vit!

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Wayne Craig Fredericks

Just remaking conversation.

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