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The Ugly Police

So I come back to H2G2 (after one of my entries was approved, huzzah) to discover that the front page has been taken over by The Ugly Police.

What the hell's it supposed to be? Yeuch.

And they've disabled JavaScript from homepages, seemingly, which is a shame.

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Latest reply: Jun 13, 2000

Gone "writing-entries" mad

One on minidisc, and one on digital radio. Am I mad? Will they ever get read? Who knows...

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Latest reply: Apr 11, 2000

An approved entry...

Golly, how exciting. I've got something in my approved entry box (bottom right, look!) And all I did was contribute to a Liverpool article. Awful, awful place. Only worked there a couple of times. Still. Gosh, eh?

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Just changed my homepage to GuideML or whatever it's called. Jolly good, isn't it?

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Latest reply: Mar 25, 2000

D'you think...

Do you think anyone at H2G2 reads submitted entries?

Still, just written another one about my home town, since the original HTML page is no longer linked from anywhere so probably would have died.

Just that, well, you look how old some of my submitted entries are.

Ah well.

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Latest reply: Mar 22, 2000

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