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Wooo Hoooo!!!!!!!

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Garius Lupus

Welcome back! So great to see you again.

Wooo Hoooo!!!!!!!

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Witty Moniker

smiley - biggrin What he said! *Points to Garius.*

Wooo Hoooo!!!!!!!

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

Aha! This is wonderful.

Some kids can never resist an invitation to come out and play. smiley - silly

Wooo Hoooo!!!!!!!

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Thank you all for the delightful greeting. I can't seem to re-claim my old self, although a delightful young pipsqueak of an Ace has offered to help, but then again, I don't quite feel my old self.

Of course, you guys are the only reason the ghost of myself would even wish to return.

And yes, I just couldn't resist a little bit of play.

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Wooo Hoooo!!!!!!!

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