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A quick account of the past two years

Well, here's the reasons for my disappearance:

Back in the pre-bbc days, I was active - was an ace and subeditor and did programming to get applets like a list of ICQing researchers and the centralised list of ACEs going.

Then the towers started to tighten things up. HTML was no longer allowed and the fun things you could do with it were disfunctional. I remember trying to get my applets into guideML but eventually, mainly cause of time restrictions, I gave up. I also stopped doing the regular Take Five slot at The h2g2 Post and my last contribution on 20th March 2000.

At this point, I had my GCSE exams and thought I'd spend some time on them and then had a very busy summer. Then due to ISP incompetance I was unable to access h2g2. I made an abrupt return in autumn 2000 but by then had to cope with 5 AS levels plus my duties in the Labour Party with two byelections and a general election to cope with. I was gone from Nov 26 2000 til Sep 23 2001 when I made my first return to the BBC h2g2. I only returned in the past week because Katsy prodded my ICQ. But this time I plan to stay a bit more permenantly and contribute as before. We'll see how much I keep to that with 4 A-levels to do as well as Local Elections and a newly found social life :oP

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Latest reply: Jan 24, 2002

Oh my

Hello world.
I can't believe I'm reactivating my account!
First post on the BBC h2g2.

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Latest reply: Sep 23, 2001

Still here!

So far, so good!
I've stayed for longer than my last stay of one day! smiley - smiley
I think this may be permanent smiley - winkeye.
Now... for those Guru duties...

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Latest reply: Nov 30, 2000

This time I'm staying!

Sorry I've been so inactive. Very ill...very busy. Had some local by-elections to fight. Lots of work. All over now smiley - smiley.
h2g2 seems to have improved a lot since I was last here!
Hope I can keep my word this time smiley - winkeye.

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Latest reply: Nov 26, 2000

Long h2g2

For the past few weeks due to a quibble with my internet connection I have been able to visit every web site...except h2g2. That quibble has finally been solved and I have returned. My apologies for any unreplied messages. Please don't hesitate about bugging me again if I have not replied to your message.

It's good to be back smiley - smiley.

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Latest reply: Oct 13, 2000

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