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A407666 - anglican choral tradition

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Hi! I just had a look at the freshly edited and approved version of my Anglican Choral Tradition entry. I noticed a typo. There's a sentence:

"Names for finer distinctions and wider extremes exist, such as baritone, which is between tenor and bass; mezzo soprano, which is between alto and soprano; basso profundo, meaning below bass and which is above soprano"

There's something missing between the "and" and the "which is above soprano". (Basso profundo is quite definitely not above soprano! smiley - smiley) However I'm not sure what the term is off hand - possibly coloratura? Might be worth asking Joanna - she probably knows.

A407666 - anglican choral tradition

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Alon (aka Mr.Cynic)

Sorry I didn't get back to you.
Erm... I have no control over the entry so I guess the best thing is to contact the onsite h2g2 staff. I don't mind doing so, just give me a little while smiley - smiley.

A407666 - anglican choral tradition

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Oh, OK. I evidently misunderstood what it meant to be the official Editor for an entry. smiley - smiley

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