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eddispond:I've been a gardener for 45years,the last 35years for a catholic order. Myself,I have no time for organised religion but a lot of time for the spiritual quest.My first and only visit ,so far to a guide is "Spiritual Journeys". WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE,TO FIND SO MUCH IN COMMON.Youy can see I am a complete novice at typing, computing,the net but it's a great adventure.
Although I decry church-going,I believe strongly that JESUS was the greatest messenger ever to walk this earth. paradoxically, I am attempting to write s0ome interpretations of his message for my employers which seem to be well received!! I do believe that CHRISTIANS still haven't got the complete message. Spiritual Journeys covers most of this in a much better way than I can at present.
I shall return! LOVE TO ALL.

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